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Bitcoin Foundation Announces New International Affiliate

The Bitcoin Foundation announced on Monday their newest international affiliate in Mexico, the Fundación Satoshi Nakamoto (Satoshi Nakamoto Foundation).

Established and based in Mexico City, the Fundación will serve as the Bitcoin Foundation’s “wing” of sorts in the country, which is increasingly becoming attracted to the use of bitcoin from all things like food, clothing, and healthcare.

“In countries like México where remittances often make up a large portion of a family’s income, Bitcoin empowers families simply by providing another cheaper, faster and more secure option for remitting funds. Bitcoin saves families money on hefty remittance fees that often include a base fee of US $5-10 and an additional percentage charge from 3-13%, per remit. Not to mention taking up to five business days to complete the remit in some cases,” said Jon Matonis, Executive Director at the Bitcoin Foundation.

The leadership team at the Fundación is made up of President Raúl Nogales, Vice President José María Basagoiti, Adriana Tortajada in Bitcoin Entrepreneurship, Lucía Cangas in Marketing, and Domingo García along with Luis Rangel in Technology.

“The use of Bitcoin in México and worldwide is at an upward trend. The need for education, standardization, protection and promotion has become essential. We are really excited to establish Bitcoin Foundation México and eager to start working,” said Nogales.

[blockquote style=”2″]The International Affiliate Program is integral to the foundation’s mission to protect, standardize and promote the development and adoption of Bitcoin worldwide. No one country can achieve this goal alone, and we are working with several countries to build a collaborative and supportive relationship to address their unique issues and priorities through localized leadership. At the same time, local Bitcoiners are connected to the global Bitcoin community and have opportunities to engage and contribute at that level through the foundation.[/blockquote]

As the use of bitcoin continues to spread, the establishment of these Foundations become important in organizing and addressing issues in the community.

For more information on the Mexican sector of the Bitcoin Foundation, follow this link.

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