Genesis1 Bitcoin ATM Goes Live at World Trade Center Building in São Paulo, Brazil

There’s a brand-spanking-new bitcoin ATM available for bitcoin enthusiasts available in Brazil, according to a Tuesday announcement from San Diego-based Genesis Coin.

Deployed by Coinverse, the Genesis1 ATM is located at the Shopping Nações Unidas at the World Trade Center building in São Paulo, Brazil.

Coinverse starts their operations during a time when the world’s eyes are fixed on Brazil with the ongoing World Cup games.

“This launch comes at an ideal time and place to bring convenience and flexibility to the large number of international tourists who will be visiting Brazil during the World Cup. With this, we will establish ourselves as a reference in the sector with the corporate audience and those linked to new technologies,” said Safiri Felix of Coinverse.

Genesis1 ATM Sao Paulo Coinverse

From the announcement:

It is undeniable that the World Cup is moving the national economy. Independent of the initial forecasts overvalued or the most pessimistic current estimates, the truth is that since the announcement that the event would take place in Brazil, investors worldwide sought business opportunities to be made in the country during that period. Brazil expects from 600 thousand to 01 million tourists and foreigners, and about 03 million Brazilian tourists, the so-called internal tourism. The biggest sporting event in the world, according to research commissioned by the Brasilian Ministry of Sports, should yield about U.S. $ 183 billion to the country until 2019. With this panorama many companies are starting business in the country in order to attract customers and foreign investors, especially those based on business models already successful in other parts of the world.

Coinverse is soon planning to open another bitcoin ATM in Rio de Janeiro, with plans to expand to Montevideo, Santiago and also in all Brazilian State capitals. Beyond that, Coinverse seeks to even expand beyond Brazilian borders to other countries in South America.

“We have the capital and expertise to be the largest Bitcoin enterprise in Latin America. We have many partners to fulfill our commitment to help people participate in the world of Bitcoin and facilitate international transactions using this technology. It’s a huge opportunity,” Felix added.

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