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Another OKCoin Representative Resigns over Difference of Opinions

Avatar Gola Yashu 5 years ago

OKCoin International Operations Manager Zane Tackett recently announced that he has resigned from the Bitcoin exchange due to misaligned opinions.

“For the past year I’ve handled the majority of the community outreach for OKCoin and have interacted with this community as the OKCoin representative,” he said in an informal post. “Unfortunately, due to a difference of opinions I have decided to resign from OKCoin.”

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Tackett joined OKCoin in April 2014, a time when the Chinese exchange had just received funds around $US10 million and was planning to expand globally. He later became a prominent voice of OKCoin on multiple social media forums and played an active part in expanding company’s portfolio and shrinking users’ issues equidistantly. Today, OKCoin is inches closer to Hong Kong exchange BitFinex to become the US’s leading Bitcoin exchange.

Second Resignation in One Month at OKCoin

Tackett’s resignation came almost a month after the resignation of yet another OKCoin employee — Changpeng Zhao — who was working as the exchange’s chief technical officer. Incidentally, Zhao also left the company over directional differences. He however never spoke any further about the reasons behind his resignation.

On the other hand, Tackett revealed a little about these “differences” while responding to one of the OKCoin followers. He said that the company’s recent decisions are making it impossible for users to access future contracts due to the lack of counterparty during the settlements.

“It effectively makes hedging with futures impossible,” he further added, “and therefore one of the main use cases for futures is eliminated.”

Tackett meanwhile did a last bit of his PR exercise by putting OKCoin in a good light, so as to avoid unnecessary conspiracy theories behind a series of resignations. On being asked whether the Chinese exchange is still a safe place to keep customers’ funds, the ex-representative replied:

“I say this 100% honestly; I have no reason to believe for any reason that leaving money on OKCoin is dangerous in any way. I still have a large amount of my bitcoin on OKCoin and I believe actions speak louder than words.”

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