Bitcoin Braces For Rival LEOcoin

UK-based Learning Enterprises Organisation (LEO) has launched a completely anonymous digital currency LEOcoin to rival the industry leader Bitcoin. The Bitcoin alternative launched in London on Wednesday will officially begin trading on a Hong Kong-based, global LEOcoin exchange LEOxChange from April 2. The coin will be recognized by other exchanges as well.

Dan Andersson, the co-founder of LEOcoin believes that the new currency will have “greater usability and accessibility than other cryptocurrencies.

To promote wider usability, the organization has launched wallets for different operating systems: Windows 32 bit Wallet, Windows 64 bit Wallet, MAC OS Wallet, and Linux Wallet.

Interested parties can buy LEOcoins, mine them on a computer, join a mining pool, or trade them. LEO has also rolled out a “merchant program” for those willing to access the global LEO Marketplace.

The use of both Proof-of-Stake and Proof-of-Work validation puts LEOcoin in the league of most secure digital currencies.

The organization has promoted the concept to its 131,176 clients thereby essentially making it the “second largest cryptocurrency” in the world.

The launch of LEOcoin is a very risky gamble considering that the same organization commissioned a survey of 1000 small- and medium business owners which revealed that a huge 85% of the respondents are either “not very likely” or “not at all likely” to accept cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin and others in the future.

The study conducted by YouGov also brought to light that higher awareness has failed to push mainstream adoption of digital currencies. With an awareness level of 86%, a mere 2% were ready to accept a digital currency.

To this, Dan Andersson said that, “the industry needs to do much more to establish its credibility.

On a positive note, LEOcoin’s aim to boost cryptocurrency usability and accessibility for potential users seamlessly aligns with the primary motive of the whole digital currency industry.

  • JimmaJamma

    Come on man. You’ve got to work harder on your “articles”. “The organization has promoted the concept to its 131,176 clients thereby essentially making it the “second largest currency” in the world.” Yet another ridiculous statement. Also, you seem to have forgotten the qualifier “crypto” as I’m pretty sure the hundreds of physical currencies around the world are larger than it. The use of the word “Braces” in the headline is equally ridiculous. Let’s chat again the day after April Fool’s day and see if their market cap supports that 2nd position comment even with the crypto qualifier.

  • Frank Garcia

    Now I understand why dumb article number one was written.

  • JimmaJamma

    I agree Frank. This guy is clearly a shill. “Bitcoin has a serious problem…” followed by “Bitcoin braces for rival…” Nikhil Gupta is a joke. Who’s vetting his posts?

  • Hippasus

    As CCN has stated – “And contrasting initial videos from the LEOcoin CEO (Dan Anderson) from summer of 2014 stating that LEOcoin will be widely accepted within six months, there is to date;

    No merchants accepting it, online or otherwise.
    Undisclosed pre-mining (unless you count this article).
    A copy/paste of Bitcoin, no additional features.”

    Brace Yourselves! Incoming pump and dump.

  • cohagen

    Full bitcoin nodes are required to store a record of every single transaction that takes place, and as this record grows, that in turn is decreasing the amount of people willing to pay for the escalating costs of running nodes. Wonder how they fix that? Problem when something is broken into 100,000,000 micro units out of a whole unit, too many little shits to keep track of and support. Also this leo farce is just a Ponzi. All crypto is crap!

    • negahllort

      you don’t understand the blockchain .. how it works .. what is in it .. the issues that surround it .. or the solutions. you are right about leocoin tho.

      • cohagen

        Yes I do understand the blockchain, it’s fatally flawed hence developers trying to figure out how to fix it.

        • negahllort

          “fatally” flawed – nope.

          • cohagen


          • negahllort

            i really hope your life isn’t as shallow as it appears to be that you spend as much time trolling for teh LELs. please tell me you have some agenda for all the faulty nonsense you regurgitate over and over.

          • cohagen

            Your the grandmaster troll. If what I say is so wrong and looney why do you go to such great lengths too make such jackass ghetto grammar posts about them. Makes you look like a total troll wich you most certainly are without a doubt what so ever. It seems I’ve gotten to you and you must settle the score or some such other foolishness. I didn’t think people were that petty anymore. You sure proved me wrong about that in spades didn’t you?

          • negahllort

            thank you for the flattering comments, but you clearly have an agenda here to smear bitcoin every chance you get with inflated lies and an annoyingly loud voice. it is astounding you devote so much time to something that you hate so dearly. sad. and astounding. you don’t respond well to being proven wrong and devolve to calling names like a child, cuz you literally are mentally or emotionally, maybe both.

          • cohagen

            Your agenda is to be a complete idiot and just troll comments on blogs.

          • negahllort

            my agenda was to straighten you out boy. but this has been more fun.

          • cohagen

            Straighten me out on what? Your overzealous and damn near cult like in your btc devotion. Loons like you are why btc is shunned by the world at large.

          • negahllort

            devotion? i’m afraid you’ve jumped to conclusions on very little empirical evidence. LOL

          • cohagen

            Err no your endless rants and goof ball replies pretty much prove my point.

          • negahllort

            what i’ve said doesn’t prove anything, but if making lame assumptions about what i think helps you stroke your epeen, then so be it. it makes little difference to me.

          • cohagen

            “what i’ve said doesn’t prove anything” applied to everything you’ve ever said and your 100% correct!

          • negahllort

            so how does it prove i’m devoted then? LOL yer sh!t don’t ever make sens d00d.

          • cohagen

            General cult like attitude, you come off like a ho dedicated to her pimp.

          • negahllort

            bitcoin is a better pimp than the crooked thieves you wh0re yourself out for

  • RJF

    What a waste of time reading this was…

  • cohagen

    Here’s info showing leocoin and it’s creators are pyramid scammers. Doesn’t anybody ever do you you like 2-3 min of research before writing these bullshit blog posts? Enigro was an international network company registered in the Seychelles which was founded in 2009 by the Norwegian Jarle Thorsen. Andre sentrale personer i selskapet var Rune Evensen og Dan Andersson. [1] Other key people in the company were Rune Evensen and Dan Andersson. [1] Vi kommer til å dele ut Rolex-klokker i tusentall, samt hundretalls av biler. We are going to hand out Rolex watches thousands, and hundreds of cars. – Dan Andersson – Dan Andersson

    Selskapet drev såkalt Multi-level marketing og skal ha hatt medlemmer over hele verden. The company ran so-called Multi-level marketing and should have had members worldwide. Enigro drev konseptet Unaico og tjenesten Sitetalk for sine medlemmer [2] , samt hedgefondet I-investorclub Ltd. [3] Enigro drifted concept Unaico and SiteTalk service for their members [2] , as well as hedge fund I-investorclub Ltd. [3]

    Blant Unaicos underselskaper var The Oxford Programme som ble drevet fra Storbritannia . [4] Dette selskapet tilbød opplæring i selvutvikling delvis inspirert av nevrolingvistisk programmering . [5] Among Unaicos subsidiaries was The Oxford Programme which was operated from the UK . [4] This company offered training in self partly inspired by Neuro-Linguistic Programming . [5]

    Enigro etablerte seg aldri betydelig i det norske markedet, men hadde derimot stor suksess i Sverige . [6] Enigro established himself never significant in the Norwegian market, but however great success in Sweden . [6]

    I løpet av høsten 2011 og begynnelsen av 2012 ble selskapene oppløst og deres nettsteder stengt. During the autumn of 2011 and early 2012, companies were dissolved and their websites closed. Deler av konseptet er imidlertid forsøkt videreført under konseptnavnet The Opportunity Network . [7] Portions of concept attempts, however continued under the concept name The Opportunity Network

    Company Towah Group Ltd. samarbeidet med Enigro ved å tilby medlemmene betalingskort registrert i banken Newcastle Building Society . collaborated with Enigro by offering members payment registered bank Newcastle Building Society. Styreleder her er Tor Anders Petterøe, som har bakgrunn fra pyramidespillet World Games Inc. . [8] Chairman here is Tor Anders Petterøe, who has a background pyramid game World Games Inc. . [8]

    Kontroverser [ rediger | rediger kilde ] Controversies [ edit | edit source ]

    Bare kort tid etter lansering av selskapet dukket de første anklagene om pyramidespill opp. Just shortly after the launch of the company appeared the first accusations of pyramid up. Thorsen har selv bakgrunn fra pyramideselskaper som World Wide Alliance , T5PC , World Games Inc. og PlexPay . [9] Lotteritilsynet har ikke trukket noen fullverdig konklusjon om selskapet, men har likevel advart mot selskapet. [10] De har uttalt: «Etter å ha gjort en foreløpig vurdering av Enigro, er Lotteritilsynet av den oppfatning at selskapet har klare likhetstrekk med ulovlig pyramidespill.» Thorsen has even background pyramid companies Worldwide Alliance , T5PC , World Games Inc. and PlexPay . [9] Gaming Authority has not drawn any full conclusion about the company, but has warned against the company. [10] They have stated: “After Having made a preliminary assessment of Enigro, the Gaming Board believes that the company has clear similarities with illegal pyramid scheme. ”

    I april 2010 fikk selskapet oppmerksomhet etter at finansmyndighetene i Slovenia sendte ut en advarsel mot Unaico der de slo fast at dette selskapet ikke hadde autorisasjon til å tilby sine tjenester i Slovenia. [11] Tilsvarende advarsel er utstedet av myndighetene i Østerrike . [12] In April 2010, the company’s attention after the financial authorities in Slovenia issued a warning against Unaico where they stated that this company had not authorized to offer its services in Slovenia. [11] Similarly warning is issued by the authorities in Austria . [12]

    I oktober 2010 kom selskapet Deloitte med en pressemelding der det ble benektet ethvert samarbeid med Unaico. [13] Dette fordi det i markedsføringen av Unaico og Sitetalk ble fremsatt påstander om at Deloitte var med på å hjelpe Unaico ifm. børsnotering . In October 2010 the company came Deloitte with a press release in which it was denied any cooperation with Unaico. [13] This is because in the marketing of Unaico and SiteTalk were allegations that Deloitte was with helping Unaico connection. IPO .

    I-investorclub står også på Finanstilsynets liste over selskaper det advares mot å investere penger i. De har uttalt: «Finanstilsynet gjør oppmerksom på at I-investorclub Ltd. In-investor club are also on the Financial Supervisory list of companies are cautioned not to invest money in. They have stated: “FSA advised that I investorclub Ltd. ikke har godkjennelse til å yte investeringstjenester i Norge, og foretaket har derfor ikke nødvendig godkjennelse i henhold til norsk lov.» [14] Selskapet er dermed også på internasjonale varslingslister. [15] [16] is not authorized to provide investment services in Norway, and therefore lacks the license required under Norwegian law. ” [14] The company is thus on international notification lists. [15] [16]

    Både pakistanske og kinesiske myndigheter har gitt sine innbyggere offisielle advarsler mot å involvere seg med Unaico, og omtaler selskapet som et illegalt pyramidespill og svindel. [17] [18] Both Pakistani and Chinese authorities have given their citizens official warnings against getting involved with Unaico and reviewing the company as an illegal pyramid schemes and scams. [17] [18]

  • cohagen

    Um… the dev of LeoCoin is the same Dev as Cryptcoin… Cryptcoin stole everyone’s money….

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