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Video Gaming and Cryptocurrency – the Perfect Connection

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Digital currencies integration as a means of payment was one of the most important events in the history of online gambling. Digital currency provides many advantages to the online gambling industry, one of them being able to play online gambling with cryptocurrency, even in countries where gambling is regulated or prohibited.

Cryptocurrency is been having an incredible influence the online gambling market and an amazing success in the virtual gambling industry.

Gambling was one of the first things to be utilized with digital currencies. The first and most well-known site using bitcoin was Satoshi dice and it rapidly came to casino sites or online poker rooms like Seals with Clubs. While Bitcoin can certainly be a great currency for gambling activities, it can also be the perfect match for the video gaming and e-sports industries.

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Video gaming had the same type of rise as Bitcoin had: from LAN-Parties with friends, world championships with millions of viewers and big money prizes. First ridiculed as a nerd hobby; now a worldwide phenomenon that is almost part of the Olympics. Both are based on the internet without physical representation.
Thus, the concept of “border” is foreign to both. Now, Video Gaming and e-sports companies are becoming increasingly interested in Bitcoin because of the potential it can offer to innovate the industry.

And it is not only this particular industry that digital currency has the potential to influence. Bitcoin has also the potential to revolutionize the way how gaming works on mobile devices and even on consoles by enabling and facilitating in-app purchases.

Digital currencies will have a significant impact on video gaming and e-sports on the future. Real-money trading is still a big issue for online gaming, but digital currency will not only solve this problem as it also will provide a whole new range of possibilities for this industry.

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