Cointemporary -- an Online Art Gallery That Accepts Bitcoin

Cointemporary – an Online Art Gallery That Accepts Bitcoin

Avatar Gautham 5 years ago

Well, we all know that art is a form of expression – of thoughts, views and objects using different media. Works of art – maybe painting, drawing or sketches on different media including canvas, paper or even digital art is better enjoyed and appreciated when displayed for public view than by keeping it under wraps. Art galleries help artists and art owners to exhibit their collection to public, either for free or for a fee.

Artworks aren’t necessarily bound to its physical form anymore. We have traditional art on paper, canvas, fabrics, wood etc. and then we have digital art.  Digital art, as the name suggests is created on a computer and the artwork is usually in one of the frequently used computer file formats. It may be a static image or a repetitive motion image or even videos.

While we need conventional art galleries to exhibit traditional physical artworks, digital art works can be displayed on the internet either on the artist’s own webpage or other online galleries or if someone wishes to go for an hybrid, then they can display digital artworks on computers or electronic displays inside a conventional art gallery. For those artists who would like to keep their exhibition simple, cost effective and easily accessible to people across the world, online exhibition is the way to go about.

Cointemporary is one such online gallery that exhibits artworks by international contemporary artists. It was started by Valentin Ruhry and Andy Boot who are artists themselves. The Cointemporary platform displays one artwork at a time for a duration of ten days or till it is purchased. These artworks can be purchased online by paying in bitcoins. Each artwork has a fixed price in BTCs, irrespective of current exchange rate. All artworks purchased on Cointemporary will be entered into the Blockchain through Ascribe – a Blockchain based rights management platform.

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Cointemporary also includes a shipping option, with details of current location of the artwork mentioned on the website. In case of the actual artwork being a physical article, its dimensions weight, material and other relevant information will be provided. If a shipping option is not mentioned against the artwork, then the buyer may have to pay shipping costs separately.

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