blocktrail adding Bitcoin Functionalities with Ease

BlockTrail API: Adding Bitcoin Functionalities with Ease

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One of the biggest roadblocks to tapping bitcoin functionalities in various applications is the amount of effort needed to understand how the protocol and ecosystem work. After all, bitcoin is tied with blockchain, which is a public ledger of transactions updated by a network of computers solving complex algorithms.

What BlockTrail offers is a way to sidestep these barriers to entry and simplify the approach of adding bitcoin functionalities in your app or website through its API and developer tools. Rather than making developers devote a lot of time and effort in figuring out the necessary steps, BlockTrail offers a selection of reliable and secure tools that could help speed the process up.

Integrating Bitcoin Functionalities

For instance, the Blockchain Data API offered by BlockTrail allows developers to pull raw data from the entire Bitcoin network. This includes transactions, wallet addresses, blocks, the number of confirmations on certain transactions, and much more.

Bitcoin companies or online merchants that want to create a bitcoin wallet service could make use of BlockTrail’s Wallet API, which can even integrate BlockTrail’s multi-signature security to offer a complete and secure wallet solution.

Other features include an Explorer, which can be used as an online data analytics platform for the Bitcoin blockchain. There is also a Web Wallet feature and a testnet support for developers. What’s interesting is that BlockTrail is not charging fees for developers to access bitcoin functionalities in its Developer Platform.

“Our goal is to encourage the Bitcoin economy by providing a secure, reliable and fast way to build and transact with Bitcoin,” says the company.We wanted to share this technology with the rest of the world to give more people and companies the tools they need to enter and conduct commerce in the Bitcoin economy.  Our goal is to lower the technical barriers of entry to increase adoption and Bitcoin’s place in world commerce.”


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