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Boost VC Tribe 6, Now out in the Wild to Make a Killing. newsbtc bitcoin startup news

Boost VC’s Tribe 6, Now out in the Wild to Make a Killing

Avatar Gautham 4 years ago

Boost VC, a well-known accelerator among startups and the bitcoin community recently had a demo day for its latest cohort. Boost VC gained the attention of the bitcoin community after it started focusing only on bitcoin and blockchain based startups for a couple of programs. Since then, the accelerator has distributed its focus between two emerging technologies – Bitcoin and Digital Reality. The digital reality segment includes startups and entrepreneurs who are working on augmented reality and virtual reality technologies.

October 8, 2015 saw the graduation of the 6th batch of startups accelerated by Boost VC. The accelerator prefers to refer to these startup batches as Tribes and Tribe 6 had 21 startups from bitcoin and digital currency sectors completing an intensive three month program. Startups participating in Boost VC Tribe 6 demo day included – Beloola, Binary VR, CoinUT, Baydream Blue, Ease VR, Epiphyte, Fearless VR, Janus VR, JoyStream, LingoLand, Lexika, Pixel Ripped, Plump, Surreal VR, Unimersiv, Unocoin, Virt, Vizor, VRChive, VR Showroom and Wealthcoin.


CoinUT is a bitcoin options exchange and trading platform, first of the kind to be based on blockchain. The company is based out of Singapore. CoinUT offers multiple bitcoin trading options to its users. Traders can either make use of the platform’s binary options feature or stick to vanilla trading options to buy and sell bitcoin.


Epiphyte is another Boost VC graduate cryptofinance company. Previously winner of Innotribe Startup Challenge in 2014, Epiphyte offers enterprise level fintech solutions for financial companies to help them integrate their services with cryptofinancial networks. Based out of San Francisco, Epiphyte offers technology that enables banks and financial institutions to conduct international money transfer over blockchain by converting fiat to bitcoin before transmitting it and later converting it back to fiat on the other side by a local tender.


Founded by Bedeho Mender. JoyStream is a BitTorrent client with bitcoin integration. JoyStream allows seeders to monetize their bandwidth contribution to the community. Seeders on a torrent network can charge bitcoins to seed/upload content, enabling them to access or download content.


Unocoin is a leading bitcoin exchange based out of Bangalore, India. Apart from regular exchange options, the platform also offers different bitcoin investment plans for its users. The company has partnered with BTCJam and to enable loans and cashing out Amazon Mechanical Turk points respectively.


Wealthcoin is a bitcoin investment platform that allows users to invest in various stocks and bonds with bitcoin. Individuals can choose the portfolio they wish to invest in based on their risk preference. The platform ties returns to the growth of bitcoin and the connected portfolio of stocks and bonds.

Demo day marked the completion of Tribe 6’s acceleration program. These portfolio companies will continue to receive support from Boost VC as they venture out into the real market and build a business out of their products. Meanwhile, Boost VC is preparing itself to welcome the new cohort for the next round. Applications are currently open for startups to be part of Tribe 7.

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