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Crypti Helps Create Decentralized Applications with Ease. newsbtc bitcoin news
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Crypti Helps Create Decentralized Applications with Ease

Avatar Gautham 5 years ago

Bitcoin has opened up a whole new dimension of decentralized applications. The use of blockchain technology is being explored for almost every industry. With the implementation of blockchain technology in every new field, a huge requirement of applications will open up. Development of decentralized applications is easier with the help of existing APIs, frameworks etc. as compared to writing every single piece of code afresh.

Crypti is one such platform that makes development of decentralized applications easy. An initiative of Crypti Foundation, Crypti offers APIs and other resources for developers to build and publish decentralized applications. The dapps can be created and deployed on Crypti network in three simple steps.

Starting with the coding part, dapp developers can use JavaScript along with the APIs provided by the platform to create their product. Just to make sure everything is in order, developers can get their application reviewed over Crypti’s peer-to-peer network by running the application in a virtual machine. Crypti is also working on creating a decentralized application called Encrypti which offers secure encryption features. Encrypti will allow users to encrypt and store any sensitive data.

Once the product development phase is complete, developers can easily deploy their application on various integrated services like Github and Sia . Crypti will soon be offering as another option once the platform is stable. Upon completion of the deployment process, the application will be ready for implementation on the Crypti network. Dapp codes can then be executed over the Crypti network by using their master node.

Dapps running on Crypti network will be completely decentralized with advanced security which makes it virtually impossible for others to gain control over the app.

The Crypti Foundation has been working on creating the Crypti core since last year to offer a great collaborative and open environment. Crypti currently has its presence in four countries – Germany, Italy, France and China through their ambassadors involved in building the community

Soon we can expect more decentralized applications like Crypti’s dapps to hit the market once the concept of decentralization catches up with people.

Correction: Earlier it was wrongly mentioned that Encrypti was part of Crypti core, whereas it is just one of the decentralized applications developed by Crypti. will be introduced once the stability of the platform is confirmed.
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