24Option Puts Special Focus on Educating Novice Traders

Avatar Jayanand Sagar 4 years ago

Award winning binary option broker 24Option has always ensured a smooth and successful trading experience for all its clients. There is no surprise in guessing why this UK-based broker is so focused on enlightening novice traders about the ins-and-outs of online trading.

24Option provides a completely-free and interesting way to learn online trading with its “Educational Center”. In it, the broker has compiled comprehensive learning materials in the form of lectures, interactive webinars, eBooks and more — all for free.

“At 24option, we pride ourselves on making binary options easy and accessible to all people, no matter what your experience level,” 24Option stated. “Binary options are easy to trade and we’ve created a series of webinars specifically to familiarize you with our trading platform and trading techniques that are popular and proven to increase your trading success.”

And indeed, their webinars do create a great first impression. New traders can simply sign up to attend them by visiting their Education Center page. There they find a calendar listing the dates and times on which these webinars will be conducted. All traders have to do is select among these dates and it’s done!

These webinars are further designed while keeping a trader’s learning stage in minds. For instance: they cover binary options’ introductory topics, as well as what follows later with strategies and tips to reduce trading risks and maximize profits. Traders are further provided with features to toggle between their webinar and trading platform to avoid missing out potential binary positions.

They are also encouraged to interact with lecturers to put forth their questions and queries, while ensuring a real-time classroom experience. A copy of such lectures is also uploaded on 24Option’s VOD Academy page.

To know more about 24Option and their range of education tools, please visit here.

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