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Trading Forex in Bitcoin – Is it the Geekiest Way to Make money

Guest Author | November 6, 2015 | 7:15 pm
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Trading Forex in Bitcoin – Is it the Geekiest Way to Make money

Guest Author | November 6, 2015 | 7:15 pm

Forex has always been one of the most attractive investment options for less experienced traders. Now, bitcoin is bringing a new breed of investors to the forex trading space, and many  brokers are opening its doors to the digital currency.

In fact, this year all along, several Forex brokers started to deal with bitcoin, and it seems the interest, both from traders and brokers, in this type of investment is growing exponentially.

The Foreign Exchange (Forex) Market is the largest market in the world. It is where foreign currencies are exchanged and where every day more than 4 trillion dollars are traded. The huge volume of daily transactions makes it the most liquid market in the world. The enormous size of the Forex market is what ensures that no one can control the market; not even banks or big financial groups can control the market for a long period of time.

Forex essentially goes around about eight major currencies and is open 24 hours a day, enabling traders to have the best chances whenever they hear a financial scoop.

A few years ago there was no Broker willing to work with bitcoin, but now this is changing; currently we can find a lot of brokers that enable investors to trade forex pairs using BTC. It looks like Forex trading via bitcoin is revolutionizing both Forex trading and BTC investments. Several brokers already let user’s trade forex pairs by investing with bitcoin.


A Few Examples of Forex Brokers accepting Bitcoin:

1Broker –

AvaTrade –

Bit4X –

CFD1000 –

eToro – –

JustForex –

FX Choice –

Nova FX Trading –

Plus500 – https://

SimpleFX –

VenetFX –

Benefits of investing in Forex:

Lately, we have seen many bitcoin enthusiasts using Forex to protect themselves against the shallow periods of the bitcoin market. And this is mainly because, oppositely to what we find in the Bitcoin markets, in Forex, the huge liquidity and trading volume makes it easy to get the big picture of what’s going on, and what is possibly going to happen.

Investing in Bitcoin and Forex is pretty much the same. The only real big difference is that with bitcoin, traders are willing to take a lot more risk in exchange for bigger profits. While Bitcoin markets are known to be highly volatile Forex markets are normally pretty steady and predictable. This makes the perfect chance to safeguard Bitcoin investments, by turning them into Forex investments. This makes the perfect option for someone wanting to hold their investments with much less risk than bitcoin.

Like Forex, The price of a Bitcoin is determined by supply and demand, however, with Forex markets there is a lot of agreements and regulation that makes it pretty stable. On the other hand, Bitcoin is still heavily unregulated and there is still a lot of speculation leading the price to stay highly volatile. This is the main reason leading traders to invest their BTC stacks in Forex in an attempt to leverage their investment and safeguard against the bitcoin critical periods.

Throughout 2015, we have seen bitcoin traders jumping into Forex as a way of enlarging their portfolio as well as a method of safeguarding against the bitcoin price volatility. This clearly indicates that Bitcoin is fast becoming a new forex trading prospect.

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