ISIL Militants France Terrorist attacks Had Bitcoin 3 Million Dollars

Jayanand Sagar | November 14, 2015 | 8:11 pm
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ISIL Militants France Terrorist attacks Had Bitcoin 3 Million Dollars

Jayanand Sagar | November 14, 2015 | 8:11 pm

Yesterday, we were all heartbroken by the news of the terrorist attack on France. At least 87 were killed at the Bataclan concert hall; 18 at Boulevard de Charonne; 14 at Rue Alibert and five at Rue de la Fontaine au Roi.

Ghost Security Group is an anti-terrorism group of ethical hackers who are standing in the front lines of the digital war against ISIL. Ghost Security Group started analyzing an enormous amount of data, in an attempt to track the attackers of France attacks.

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Luckily, I managed to interview one of the guys at Ghost Security Group and asked him a few questions about ISIL, Bitcoin and yesterday’s attacks.

(Note: we won’t reveal his name to protect his identity against any possible retaliatory reactions by ISIL).

In view of yesterday’s terrorist attacks on France, did Ghost Security Group notice any abnormal activity from ISIL’s personnel that you are tracking? Were there any alarming signals?

Yes, we did detect several indicators of an attack impending and are currently in the process of collecting valuable evidence for United States government officials. I cannot go into more detail at the moment on current investigations.

A lot of people, and I am one of them, think that ISIL are extensively using Bitcoin for funding their operations. Did you ever manage to track bitcoin addresses related to ISIL? If they are mainly in Syria and Iraq, how do they cash their bitcoins?

The Islamic State does use cryptocurrencies as a form of income to fund their ongoing operations and we have managed to uncover several Bitcoin addresses used by them. One of the accounts we analyzed was found to contain 3 million U.S. dollars worth of Bitcoins. More on that incident can be found here at


Did you ever manage to hack and shut down websites that raise bitcoins for ISIL?

Most of the Bitcoin funding sites utilized by the Islamic State are on the deep web and we have managed to uncover several and successfully shut them down in order to limit the funding extremists receive through the use of cryptocurrencies.

4- Is there any evidence that ISIL are using cryptocurrencies other than BTC to raise money? Do they have bitcoin farms for mining?

Most of the evidence we have seen thus far indicates that BtC is their prime form of cryptocurrency. It is currently

unknown if they have the capability to mine Bitcoin but they do receive donations on a regular basis.

5- How can Ghost Security Group help France track the criminals who plotted and executed this massacre?

Anyone can assist us by reporting any tips they may receive to http://reportonlineterrorism.com We are also a nonprofit organization whom are self funded by our staff. Individuals interested in assisting us financially are welcomed, so we can purchase much needed additional computer equipment to combat the Islamic State with can donate via Bitcoin at the following address.

Ghost Security Group Bitcoin Address:


6- If someone would want to volunteer to help you guys, how can he/she do that?

Reporting any suspicious activity to http://reportonlineterrorism.com assists us greatly through crowdsourcing data in order to detect new threats.


1- The Guardian. Paris attacks: day after atrocity – as it happened. 14th of November, 2015.


2- DW. Bitcoin: Islamic State Online Currency Venture


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  • Crypto Sole

    You should fix Ghost Security’s bitcoin donation address. It’s not a valid address in all caps like that.

    • Tamer Sameeh

      Fixed. Thanks for the heads up 🙂

      • Cristobaldelicia

        Can you ban Brunoxxx? Please.

        • Tamer Sameeh

          Well, it seems he is annoying all of us. The mystery is; if he really hates BTC and calls it “bitcrap”, why does he keep following its news and me PRECISELY??

  • Null

    Can we get some proof of the bitcoin address which is claimed to be ISIL?

    I believe the saying is, “Blockchain or gtfo!”

  • FabOz

    This bastards are financed by big dollars not a few btc donations.

    • Bart

      yep, and most of that is coming from governments like the US! In dollars or guns directly.. look into that instead of a few BTC..

  • Tosage

    http address …

  • 9111007

    Yeah, because the rest of all criminal activity in the world is not done with central banking fiat currencies, right?

  • Zen

    stupid shit the banks big companies and corrupt goverments only let bitcoin look bad! I can smell the poop in their pants already ?Youre done soon!! People need only to wake up and see the advantage

  • facepalmfrank

    Clickbait mixed with FUD, lies and lack of evidence. Shame on you newsbtc

  • Christian Nilsson

    What is ISIS XBT address and what is the proof that it belongs to them!?

  • malickie

    Same old hype against BTC once again. Let’s blame cryptocurrency, cause god knows they cannot be using Fiat. There is absolutely no reason Not to post the Bitcoin address if the address in question actually does exist. Even if it does, where is the hard proof that the wallet belongs to ISIS groups in the first place? Sounds like a smoke and mirrors agenda again most likely perpetrated by the Big Banks and Corps.

  • Poly Coins

    Proof MF, do you have any?

  • TomCodGOLD

    black oil is traded on USD dollars… thats where the story is

  • flix1

    I read zero evidence in the article to justify the headline.

  • Where is the proof to the claim?

  • Diane

    Truly if you all are so offended and put off by Brunoxxx’s posts and comments, why do you take the time and give him/her the satisfaction of an answer or comment. Merely skip the comment and think for your selves and give your valid opinion. Ones only continue to bully if they have someone to bully.

  • An article filled with misinformation and no proof. Fess up the $3 million public address or delete this stupid article.

  • Phrenzy Mcmillan

    For everyone who wants them to post the address, it’s possible that they’ve uncovered the address but not been able to do anything about shutting out access to it, you don’t want to publish an address that could allow people to donate money to terrorists. It’s also possible that they don’t want the people who donated to that address to know that intelligence services are aware of it and have them fry their computer gear to get rid of that evidence, if you arrest someone and they’ve donated to that address it’s important to know. Perhaps they have it listed as a keyword in various data gathering programs, anyone sharing it can be monitored, publishing it kills it’s usefulness in that regard. Basically there are lots of reasons they might not want to let it out.

    Have to say though, you can’t help but wonder how many of these ISIS funding addresses are actually owned by people who are more likely to buy a new Porsche than fund terror, certainly seems profitable.

  • gatomalo2

    It’s as simple as 1 TX number or 1 wallet and I can validate it- but this is BS without those 2 things- Print the Wallet ID as PROOF – I can show you all kinds of wallets with over 3 million BUT WHO owns them takes a lot of tracking. I don’t believe the BS – 63 dollars in the account – Big buck guys— most of it comes from Germany and france BTW

    But the left their Bitcoin Address –


    TransactionsNo. Transactions6Total Received$ 63.86Final Balance$ 63.86 –

  • Brony Pony

    I couldn’t believe it when I read of post from Coindask saying it was NewsBTC that first spread this story, I’m very disappointed.

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