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The Chinese Vases in Dragon’s Tale

Avatar Gautham 4 years ago

What are the Chinese famous for, except for the inexpensive electronics? A lot of things, if you didn’t know. One among these is Chinese ceramics and vases made out of it. In China ceramics were used for virtually everything during the imperial times. They are well known for their delicate, artistic, handmade ceramic articles.

According to the history, Chinese ceramic manufacturing process underwent lots of changes during the times of the Ming dynasty. Spanning close to three centuries, during their rule a lot of new design forms, colors and even some technical advancements were achieved. Thanks to all these advancements in those days, the ceramic vases and other articles made during that time became widely known across the world as Ming Vases. The original Ming vases in current day market costs a bomb. These porcelain vases are now used as decorative items instead of utensils as per its intended use.

While the Ming dynasty didn’t last forever, the ceramic vases manufactured during that time did. Improvements in the vase making process also continued into the period of Qing dynasty. Innovation and industrialization continued, in China and elsewhere, but what is the point of discussing all these on a platform related to cryptocurrency?

The whole point of this was to offer an insight about the objects that one will come across while playing the well-known bitcoin MMORPG Dragon’s Tale, which happens to be the main subject of this article. The game is developed by eGenesis, known for their rather world-famous game ‘A Tale in the Desert’.

Dragon’s Tale is a bitcoin gambling game that is presented in a role-playing game format. In addition to various mini-games that increase the prospect of earning more bitcoins, the game offers a great adventure as well. Individuals playing the game can roam freely around the island, meet people and what not.

The mini-games on Dragon’s Tale is like what slot machines, roulette wheel, poker table and other games are to a bitcoin casino. Among all the mini-games available on the platform, the game involving Chinese porcelain or ceramic dishes is worth playing. The game of Ming Vases is a skill game that requires users to arrange the vases of different colors on shelves in such a way that three vases of similar color are arranged in the same line.

Those who have experience playing games like Candy Crush on their phones will have no trouble understanding the game. There are three different variants of the game, the Qing Vases where the player can choose to influence which vases will change during the play. Ming Vases is another variant where the player has no control over vase change. However, in Ming vases, players get to control the number of changes per play. The last variant of the game – Han Vases, which is a fast paced game where players do not have control over the changes. Han Vases is classified as a luck game whereas Ming and Qing Vases are skill games.

If you are curious and would like to try the game out, you can download it from here.

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