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Play a Game of Checkers on Dragon’s Tale

Avatar Gautham 4 years ago

Playing games is one of the important aspects of growing up. Everyone in this world would have played lots of games while they were kids. Games can either be well known outdoor games, board games or even made up games. However, there are few universally played board games which are available in toy stores across the world. Games like Chess, Monopoly, Battleship and Checkers are some of those games.

As we grow up, we somehow stop playing them, unless we have plenty of time or got some kids running around at home who would want us to play with them. But who said the same has to be confined to a board or that it should be in a physical form? Card and board games like Solitaire and Chess now come preinstalled on many computers and there are many who play them whenever they are bored or while taking a break from monotonous work.

Playing the games which one had played while growing up is like riding a bicycle, you just can’t forget it unless you have advanced Alzheimer’s or some kind of amnesia. Imagine these skills which one would have learnt as a kid put to use for making money? There is no need for special training or coaching classes and it will be fun too. Dragon’s Tale, a bitcoin-based gaming platform has made use of this concept rather very well.

Created by eGenesis, Dragon’s Tale is a massively multiplayer online bitcoin gambling role playing game – gambling MMORPG in other words. The game allows users to play a character in a virtual world designed with China as an inspiration. Players can roam around, interact with other players who are also online, complete the quests and play mini-games within the game. These mini-games are luck based and skill based gambling games where players place bitcoin bets and play. Those who win the game end up making more money than what they put in the game. Those who play safe can completely avoid depositing bitcoin on the platform instead, they can do few small tasks, explore the landscape and collect bitcoin scattered across the game. They can use these same bitcoins to place bets on other mini-games and win more.

One of the reinvented popular board game on Dragon’s Tale is Checkers. Kanivan Tak or analog checkers in the name of the game. In the game, the movement of pieces is same as that of regular checkers, but with a twist. The movement of pawns is not confined to 45-degree angles. Pawns on Analog Checkers can be moved in a straight line also. This two-person game comes with additional flexibility which makes it a bit more challenging.

Before playing Kanivan Tak, players decide upon the amount of bitcoin to be wagered per game and the winner of this game takes it all home.

The blend of new-age digital and trading games is not just limited to Kanivan Tak. There are plenty of such games which are created along the same lines.

Join Dragon’s Tale here and relive those childhood memories online while making some bitcoin for yourself.

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