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Fishing Skills on Dragon’s Tale Can Help Win Bitcoin

Avatar Gautham 4 years ago

Humans have been catching fishes since they started wading into the water. Studies have shown that the practice of fishing dates back to as long as 40,000 years. Various fishing techniques have been developed since then. We do not have to rely upon fish hooks made from bones but with specialized fishing rods, hooks, and nets that can be used to catch fishes more efficiently than the ancient man.

People started fishing for food, soon they graduated from necessity to recreation. Recreational fishing is a well-known outdoor activity among many people. With better tools, fishing has gained a lot of attention from people of different age groups.

Fishing is one of the mini-games available on Dragon’s Tale. Dragon’s Tale is a bitcoin based massive multiplayer online roleplaying gambling game. The game is developed by eGenesis, a company that has also developed a well-known game – A Tale in the Desert. It is a unique game that presents bitcoin gambling game as a role playing game instead of an online casino format. Dragon’s Tale includes a long list of mini games that allow players to place bets and earn more bitcoin.

Fishing is one of the mini-games on Dragon’s Tale. Players get to fish from multiple ponds. The fishing games can be broadly classified into two categories – Skill based fishing and Luck based fishing. Those interested in playing luck based fishing games can opt to fish in Bamboo Pond, Coconut Pond and Willow Pond.

Similarly, the ones interested in skill-based fishing can pick any one of the following ponds – Buckwheat Pond, Millet Pond, Oats Pond, Rice Pond, Popcorn Pond and Triticale Pond. These skills based fishing games are also called Rack Fishing ponds. There are racks with various kinds of fishes scattered across the game. Players can go there to start fishing.

Compared to luck based fishing game, skill based games requires the player to take certain decisions depending upon various factors including the number of times the player has won or lost the wager in the past consecutive games. Each pond has a different entry fee, which the user has to pay to start playing any of the fishing games. For example, a turn to fish in the Millet Pond is around 56K Satoshis. However, the winnings for different catches and different combinations is not same as the other one.

Few of the fishes on Dragon’s Tale includes Snakehead, Gobi, Mrigal, Barrumundi, Tambaqui, Walla, Featherback, Gouramio, Sorumbin, Stingray, Barb and Catfish,

If you are a fan of fishing and Dragon’s Tale sounds interesting, you can download it here and start playing.

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