Dragon’s Tale – Grab some Fireflies and earn some Coins

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Dragon’s Tale is the most original and innovative game players are able to find in the entire digital currency Industry. In this game, the developer has found a way of mixing two of the most wanted gaming styles in the whole gaming industry.  Dragon’s Tale brings a Casino-based game running on top of a fun and enjoyable Massive Multiplayer Role Play game, making it the first Bitcoin Casino Role Play of its kind.

At Dragon’s Tale, players can go through more than 100 mini-gambling games and choose between Skill and luck games to play and earn bitcoin.

Today, we will be talking about the Firefly mini-game. The firefly game is one on the many fun games players can find at Dragon’s Tale. This game is not a skill game so you will only have to rely on your luck to win big!

The game is actually pretty simple and the players only need to find the right place where they can start to catch fireflies. Once a player finds the right place he will need to grab a Jar. The Jar will be the helpful tool with which the player will be able to catch the little fireflies. After grabbing a Jar, the player will pay a wager to swing the jar in order to catch the fireflies. So, all you need to do is grabbing a jar from a near light post and catch as many fireflies as you can! The more you can catch at once, the higher will be your earnings.

Every time the player tries to catch a fly he will swing the Jar exactly where the fireflies are at. After swinging the Jar, the player then verifies if he managed to catch some fireflies and how much of them. The more fireflies he catches, the higher the return will get.

The firefly mini-game is just one of many. Join Dragon’s Tale to find a lot more games.


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