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Dragon’s Tale Presents Feather Balance, A Luck-based Game

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Dragon’s Tale is the most popular Casino Role Play Game in the digital currency ecosystem.  It is home of hundreds of skill and luck casino-based minigames you won’t easily find anywhere. The game is a complete mix of a role play game with an original casino game style where players will need to accomplish a lot of tasks to level up and gain access to other areas.

In this section, we will be talking about one of these fun games – Feather balance. Feather Balance is a unique one to three-player game of either luck or skill, so players can devise their own winning strategies. Anyone can play against other people or house bots or dealers, at a few different stakes. Players can also try to get their side of the scales in between the weight of the others players/dealers. To win this game, players will need to achieve balance by having a pile of feathers that weighs “just enough”. Players can also win by causing balance. This is when both the other players and dealers have the same weight and you have a different weight. In this case, the player with the different weight wins.

There are 27 ‘tufts’ to start with, and each player will take one per turn until they are all used up. Each tuft also has a value from 1-9, you try and get your side of the scales to have the middle-weight by deciding whether to take a tuft or pass.

Feather Balance is pretty easy to play and it is one of the best options for players to increase their gambling stack.  If you haven’t visited Dragon’s Tale yet, you don’t even know what are you missing. Join now and open an account, I guess it is time to visit the Dragon’s Tale site create an account and start playing a lot of fun Casino-based minigames.

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