Swedish Bitcoin Startup Partners NGO Boost Clean Water Access

The benefits of bitcoin for the non-profit sector is already well-known. Making use of these benefits is WaterAid, a global nonprofit working towards providing potable water, and ensuring proper sanitation and hygiene to those who can’t afford it. The NGO has recently announced its partnership with BTCX to raise funds for its operations in the form of bitcoins.

The bitcoin donation campaign is an initiative of the Swedish arm of WaterAid along with BTCX, which also happens to be based out of Sweden. As a part of this initiative, BTCX along with its parent company GooBit AB has set up a bitcoin wallet and donation link for WaterAid Sweden on its BTCX donations page. GooBit AB is a Swedish fintech company offering IT solutions to financial organizations in Sweden and Europe. In addition to WaterAid, the BTCX Donations page is also raising funds for another nonprofit organization called ALEF which stands for Adult Learning and Empowerment Fund.

No Limit for Causes

Even though the company is running the fundraising campaign for two specific non-profit organizations, it is still open to supporting other causes. Some of the active causes on the platform includes – Refugee relief, Alzheimer’s disease, alleviating homelessness, Haiti relief, cancer research, prevention of bullying and domestic violence, diabetes, animals, and orphans. The funds received for these causes will be donated by the platform to certain non-profits and charitable institutions based in Sweden. Names of these recipient organizations are generally mentioned at the bottom of each cause.

The list of causes that needs attention and support are endless. BTCX Donations is open to including new causes and organizations on the platform. People can suggest causes that are close to their heart or people and organizations who are working towards these causes on the website itself. 100 percent of all the funds raised over the platform will be handed over to the recipient organization,

The BTCX Donations page makes it possible for anyone and everyone from across the world to contribute towards these organizations. In addition to acceptance of global contributions without the worry of red tape and other regulatory hassles, these featured organizations will also receive the whole amount as there are no transaction fees associated with digital currency transfers (except for a small amount in miner fees, which is negligible compared to conventional fund transfer methods).

The initiative involving bitcoin, WaterAid and ALEF is a good combination to show that the digital currency is not all bad as some people and governments presume. The digital currency has the potential to do more good than harm.

Ref: MyNewsDesk | Image: WaterAid on LinkedIn
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