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Digital Commerce Partner to Promote Blockchain Technology

Avatar Gautham 3 years ago

As the world gets prepared to meet blockchain through a variety of upcoming finance and record-keeping applications, the technology’s long-serving backers have taken it upon themselves to advocate its importance farther.

In a recent press release, the Hyperledger Project, hosted by The Linux Foundation to advance cross-industry blockchain applications, announced its partnership with the Chamber of Digital Commerce.  The latter is renowned for being one of the most active trade associations, comprising of blockchain industry players, for its role in blockchain technology’s promotion.

As per the announcement, both the parties will be working on strengthening the existing advocacy and education efforts. They are expected to leverage their existing working partnerships with huge names from corporate and public sector to bring in the aforementioned advancement.

With an expected marriage between Hyperledger’s vast technical expertise and Chamber of Digital Commerce’s experience dealing with public policies, both the groups will be focusing on few key areas like public policy efforts, intellectual property issues, and global regulatory and technical interoperability.  Encouraging active cooperation in these sectors will help in creating an industry standard for blockchain-based applications, making further development and adoption easier.

The press statement quotes Brian Behlendorf, executive director of the Hyperledger Project on the partnership saying,

“Active engagement and collaboration between government authorities and the open source blockchain technology community is essential to realizing the potential of these new platforms and tools… I am pleased to welcome the Chamber of Digital Commerce to the Hyperledger Project. The policy expertise they bring will be extremely beneficial to our overall goals of driving open blockchain technology efforts forward.”

The active participation of government agencies in research, development, and implementation of blockchain technology will be a confidence booster for small and large organizations alike. With a better understanding of the technology, these participating government agencies will also play a vital role in framing regulations for this new generation technology. This will in turn help in accelerating its adoption in the near future.

 Ref: Press Release | IBT | Image: NewsBTC
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