Accenture Joins Chamber of Digital Commerce, CME Group and TMX Group

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The use of blockchain technology across various industry segments can’t be contested. The shared interest among companies to explore the use of cryptocurrency technology has led to the creation of the Chamber of Digital Commerce. It is currently the leading blockchain trade association which just became bigger following the inclusion of Accenture as one of the members.

Other companies that gained entry into the Chamber of Digital Commerce alongside Accenture includes CME Group and TMX Group. While Accenture is a leading technology company involved in the development of its own version of editable blockchain technology, CME Group and TMX Group represent stocks and commodity exchanges and financial services.

CME Group is already part of other collaborative blockchain initiatives. The company recently collaborated with the Royal Mint and the London Stock Exchange. The Royal Mint is soon expected to launch blockchain based gold trading platform. At the same time, London Stock Exchange and CME Group will be working on a distributed ledger solution for trade settlements. Even TMX Group, the operator of Toronto Stock Exchange has forayed into blockchain space by working with some of the leading names in the cryptocurrency industry.

The inclusion of Accenture, CME Group, and TMX Group into the Chamber of Digital Commerce was recently announced in a press release. The release quotes the Chamber’s founder and president Perianne Boring saying,

“It’s been inspiring to see the Chamber’s membership grow into such a prestigious global business community. The diverse expertise and market leadership that these new members bring to the table is invaluable, and their support will help drive our policy efforts forward in Washington, D.C and beyond.”

The Chamber of Digital Commerce has been pushing for wider industry collaboration and government participation. The alliance has been instrumental in organizing various events and key industry initiatives. Few such efforts include the Smart Contracts Alliance, the Blockchain Alliance, the Global Blockchain Forum and more. The Chamber of Digital Commerce has also announced the upcoming annual DC Blockchain Summit, scheduled for March 15-16, 2017.

The Chamber’s increasing strength owing to growing interest among the industry heavyweights will also help the alliance in lobbying for widespread blockchain adoption and favorable regulations.

Ref: Yahoo Finance | Image: Accenture
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