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Stratis: Breeze Wallet To Improve Bitcoin and Financial Privacy

Avatar newsbtc 3 years ago

One of the things the bitcoin ecosystem lacks is transactional privacy. It is nearly impossible for users to maintain their privacy while using bitcoin. For most people, that is anything but a problem, though. The Stratis team, on the other hand, feels the time is now to introduce additional privacy features. To do so, the team announced the Breeze Wallet, which is quite an ambitious blockchain project.

To put this news into perspective, Breeze Wallet will offer multiple benefits. First of all, it will provide financial privacy through the TumbleBit protocol. Secondly, it introduces scaling benefits as a payment hub. This entire project is compatible with the bitcoin protocol in its current form and offers some intriguing development progress, to say the least. Stratis Group acknowledges the project is quite ambitious yet vital to the future of blockchain technology.

Breeze Wallet Offers More Bitcoin Privacy

Breeze Wallet will be the first solution to bring a graphical user interface to the TumbleBit protocol. Up until now, this has not been available in a convenient manner. TumbleBit is in a prime position to introduce financial privacy to bitcoin and other blockchain-based projects. Stratis will enjoy these features as well, as privacy enhancements are more than welcome to the project as well. All of this is made possible thanks to the Full Block Secure Payment validation system.

Stratis brings more competition to the world of bitcoin wallets with this new project. Breeze Wallet will be the first to address privacy features without requiring hard or soft forks, according to the Stratis team. Moreover, the Stratis blockchain will be extended to support their iteration of TumbleBit as well. Adding more privacy to any blockchain – public or private – can only be seen as a positive development, all things considered.

Some people may wonder why the Stratis team chose TumbleBit specifically. With its unlinkable transactions and no central party to trust, it is one of the premier tumbling services in the bitcoin world. Moreover, TumbleBit is compatible with the bitcoin protocol, which makes it the only viable choice for this type of purpose. Development of Breeze Wallet is underway as we speak, although no ETA has been provided at this time.

Moreover, the team is hopeful the integration of TumbleBit benefits the trustless bitcoin-to-Stratis exchange protocol. This will expose Stratis to millions of BTC users around the world. Enhanced privacy is in great demand among bitcoin users and Breeze Wallet may be the solution a lot of people have been looking for. Only time will tell if this project can gain any major traction moving forward.


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