Poloniex Disables Trollbox To Let Moderators Focus on Customer Support

JP Buntinx | June 7, 2017 | 2:00 pm
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Poloniex Disables Trollbox To Let Moderators Focus on Customer Support

JP Buntinx | June 7, 2017 | 2:00 pm

In a very surprising turn of events, the Poloniex exchange has shut down their infamous Trollbox. This chatbox on the exchange has always been filled with people claiming which coins will go up in value next. However, it also became a “complaining area” due to support tickets taking too long to get resolved. As a result, the Trollbox is now suspended indefinitely. All Poloniex moderators will focus on assisting with support tickets.

Farewell Poloniex Trollbox

In a way, it is good to see the Poloniex Trollbox finally disappear. The exchange has suffered from so many outages in recent months. A growing number of support tickets have to be addressed because of these issues. However, Trollbox moderators are unable to do so. All they can do is look up the status, but that is about it. This seemed like a waste of resources, which forced the company to make a surprising decision.

Now that the Poloniex Trollbox is gone, moderators have been reassigned. More specifically, they will handle customer support tickets from now on. This should help alleviate a lot of lingering issues users suffer from. There are still a lot of missing deposits and withdrawals which need clearing up. Moreover, the Trollbox has little added value overall. It is a place where people shill their favorite coins regardless of their value or potential.

With more people addressing support tickets, Poloniex should get back to full strength soon. It remains to be seen if removing the Trollbox will improve the overall operability of the platform. Poloniex continues to suffer from lag spikes and features being unresponsive. While the platform saw major growth recently, they have done little to scale their operation as a result.

Some people will be quite sad to see the Poloniex Trollbox disappear. However, customer support is of the utmost importance right now. People can still shill their coins on social media. Trading platforms need to focus on trading and accessibility, rather than being a hangout place. It looks like Poloniex has finally realized something had to change. It will be interesting to see what impact these changes will bring to the platform.

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