DECENT Paves Way for a Transparent and Secure Online Data Distribution System

The world of online publishing is in for an overhaul as the blockchain technology makes its way to it. DECENT Network, a digital content distribution platform, aims to reshape the online publishing industry. The platform, being based on Blockchain technology, is aiming to make the online publishing space more cost-effective, transparent and secure.

The platform had one of the most successful ICOs in history. With having raised ~5,881 bitcoins and generating around 38.5 million DCT tokens, and having acquired strategic partners like Fastweb and CoinMine, the platform appears to mean business.

DECENT will function as a platform for sharing media content without any third-party interference or any censorship. The registering process is simple like it is done for other websites, via email along with the option of connecting other social medias.

The open-source DECENT protocol will let the users create applications on top of it and make use of the advantages of decentralization without having to spend time and resources on building a new blockchain.

DECENT Network has already come up with the first application in order to demonstrate its functionalities and potential. The DECENT GO application, built on top of the DECENT Blockchain Network, allows content publishing and buying on a peer-to-peer principle.

The authors (content creators) will be able to upload their own content, assign it to a category, write a description of the content, choose its lifetime duration, and allocate its price. And all the users will be able to search for content and authors they like, browse content by category, read content descriptions and user comments, purchase content and leave a rating and a review on the content.

Since the platform is powered by DCT tokens, the encrypted content will be available only for those who send enough DCT tokens. DECENT GO will include the online DCT Wallet which will display the user’s DCT balance and allow them to transfer a certain amount to another account.

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For almost 10 years now, Bitcoin has gained popularity as a currency in the modern world. Now, players can use bitcoins to place real bets and win real money as a result. Bitcoin is a digital currency, which has made its way into the online gambling sector. It has changed the way people view the currency and how they transact. With Bitcoin, you can transact anonymously at a lower cost than the traditional currency. As a result, bitcoin casinos are emerging to help gamblers gamble online for real money easily and incognito. You can check out Swedish online casinos reviews to see what is new about Bitcoins in the gaming sector. The following bitcoin casinos offer welcome bonuses in the form of free bitcoins and free spins: mBit Casino

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It makes your work easier in terms of where you want to take your gambling vibe. If you want to play at the live casino or poker room, you can do so with ease. Also, it features a sports betting platform for you to try your luck with the sports games. On your first deposit, you will be rewarded with a 100% match bonus, 50% for second and 25% for the third deposit. All the 3 deposits attract a bonus of up to 1 bitcoin plus 1 free spin in each.

These are just a few of the casinos that allow you earn bitcoins. As we can see, the Bitcoin fever is fast growing in the online casino sector.


In this morning’s analysis, we discussed the corrective action that we had seen in the bitcoin price over the weekend and suggested that – temporarily at least – an overarching bearish bias seemed smart. We also noted that we needed to widen out our core range and trade only on breakouts and that by doing this, we could limit our exposure to any choppy volatility.

Action has now matured throughout the day, and it looks as though we made the right decision. At least, that is, with regards to risk management. Price has been relatively choppy, and we managed to get in on a decent breakout position early on in the day which we subsequently rode out to profit. As far as the bearish bias was concerned, however, we weren’t quite as accurate. Price has been in recovery mode throughout the majority of the session and currently trades in and around 2570. If the upside momentum continues and isn’t hampered too much by profit-taking near term, we could easily see a run into the 2600s before the US session draws to a close.

So, before we do see such a break, let’s outline the levels with which we can capitalize on it as and when it happens.

As ever, take a quick look at the chart below to get an idea of the levels and focus for the session this evening.

As the chart shows, the range we have in our sights right now is defined by support to the downside at 2541 and resistance to the upside at 2577. Again, we are going to stick with our breakout strategy for the time being. Tight stops, enter on the close towards a predefined target in line with the direction of the break.

So, if we see the bitcoin price close above resistance, we will get into the markets with a long position towards 2600 flat. Conversely, a close below support will have us in short towards 2520.

Charts courtesy of Trading View

From mainstream newspapers to cryptocurrency blogs, it has long been fashionable to predict either soaring highs or miserable lows for Satoshi Nakamoto’s Bitcoin – and it’s easy to see why; the digital token’s value chart resembles a rollercoaster, with our metaphorical train creaking up to the dizzying heights of $3,018 (an all-time record) on Sunday, June 11 before ditching $300 of its newfound value overnight.

Lofty Goals

A yardstick by which to measure Bitcoin’s success has come from Denmark recently, from whatever crystal ball trading and investment firm SaxoBank has in its basement. In its Outrageous Predictions for 2017 document, SaxoBank correctly predicted “huge gains” for Bitcoin, although the company’s guess is rather more modest than reality: >$2,100. It attributed the cryptocurrency’s success to the potential tripling of the US deficit under President Trump and ongoing support from Russia and China.

Now, SaxoBank employee Kay Van-Petersen is hedging his bets on something rather more spectacular – a value of $100,000 per coin within the next ten years or a 3,000% increase on its current price. It’s a lofty goal but, considering the timescale and the fact that Bitcoin’s value has trended upwards almost exclusively for the past year, from $685 per coin at this point last year to something around the $2,700 mark today, it’s perhaps not as harebrained a prediction as it sounds.

Source: Pixabay.

Market Capitalization

Along with payment methods like Skrill and e-wallet service Instadebit, Bitcoin has made a name for itself as the “indie” way to pay, the preferred token of counterculture stores and casinos especially. However, while gamers enjoy safer depositing with Instadebit at online casinos, with no transaction fees and instant payments, Bitcoin offers more of a complete ecosystem for economics, letting brands abandon fiat currencies altogether.

Competition with the likes of the dollar and the pound will determine Bitcoin’s future value though, according to Van-Petersen. Bitcoin needs to achieve an average daily volume of 10% of the world’s fiat currencies, a figure in the region of $510bn according to Investopedia. Assuming that Van-Petersen’s prediction comes true, Bitcoin’s market capitalization (MC) would be $1.75tn; in comparison, today, the MC of all cryptocurrencies is $110bn.


There’s trouble afoot though. For all SaxoBank and Van-Petersen’s apparent clairvoyance, nobody actually knows what could happen to Bitcoin over the next few years. There’s more than enough evidence that those soaring highs and miserable lows actually follow each other, as was the case at the beginning of 2017, when Bitcoin was still flirting with gold for value, and, as mentioned, when it dropped $300 earlier this month; it’s the cryptocurrency’s ability to recover that keeps it going.

Source: Pixabay.

By far the biggest hurdle Bitcoin needs to overcome though is infighting – not just surrounding a “hard fork”, potentially splitting the token into two coins, but the ongoing argument of how to improve the Bitcoin network to process more transactions. With no leader, and with consensus arriving at a premium, Bitcoin is actually moving away from its mission: transactions are no longer free (the average fee is $5) and they’re arriving later than ever before, perhaps due to the bulk of transactions nowadays.

In summary, Bitcoin has a nearly clear path to a per coin value of many thousands of dollars – as long as it doesn’t derail itself along the way.

Cover Image via Pixabay

It is not surprising to see Japan go wild about Bitcoin these days. Thanks to a positive regulation, Bitcoin is widely considered to be a legal payment solution. This makes it more appealing for retailers to accept BTC payments sooner or later. Moreover, the Coincheck exchange provides convenient merchant services to do exactly that. Various capsule hotels will enable Bitcoin payments shortly, which is quite exciting.

The number of physical locations accepting Bitcoin payments continues to increase. We are not just talking about electronics stores anymore either. Capsule hotels can be found all over the country. They are quite popular accommodation solutions, as they provide basic comforts at an affordable price.  Some of these hotels will incorporate Bitcoin payment solutions in the near future. This is made possible thanks to Coincheck’s merchant services.

Capsule Hotels and Bitcoin is an Exciting Combination

More specifically, Capsule Hotel Anshin Oyado has begun accepting Bitcoin in March of 2017. Comics & Capsule Hotel Comicap enabled BTC payments late last week. It is evident these types of businesses can benefit a lot from Bitcoin payment solutions. Compared to credit card fees, BTC payments are a lot cheaper. This is despite Coincheck charging a 1% fee per transaction. However, all payments are converted to yen and deposited into the merchant’s bank account rather quickly.

The choice for Coincheck as a business partner is quite significant. The Japanese exchange has gained a lot of popularity over the past few months. It is evident the company is looking well beyond trading Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies right now. Focusing on bringing Bitcoin to merchants is vital to make the ecosystem grow. Ensuring capsule hotels accept BTC is a good place to start, to say the least.

It will be interesting to see how the Bitcoin situation evolves in Japan moving forward. Demand for cryptocurrency continues to grow, which is good to see. Moreover, it appears merchants are more than willing to experiment with BTC solutions as well. We can only hope to see other countries around the world embrace cryptocurrency in a similar manner. For now, that does not appear to be the case. Then again, anything can change in the world of Bitcoin.

Bitcoin Price Key Highlights

  • Bitcoin price recently made a sharp break below a consolidation pattern to signal that the tides are favoring the bears.
  • However, price bounced off an area of interest to indicate that bulls are putting up a fight.
  • The rally has not been sustained, though, and a head and shoulders chart pattern seems to be forming.

Bitcoin price seems to be forming a head and shoulders pattern on its 4-hour time frame, signaling that a long-term selloff is in the cards.

Technical Indicators Signals

Price is finding resistance at the 100 SMA dynamic inflection point and if it is able to keep gains in check, bitcoin could fall back to the recent lows around $2200. A break below that level, which is also the neckline of the reversal formation, could confirm that bearish momentum is kicking into high gear.

Note that the potential head and shoulders span $2200 to $3000 so the resulting selloff could last by $800, taking bitcoin price down to $1400. However, the 100 SMA is still above the long-term 200 SMA so the path of least resistance is still to the upside.

With that, a break past the 100 SMA dynamic resistance around $2700 could take bitcoin price back up to the all-time highs and beyond. If bears regain control from here, the right shoulder could be completed soon.

Stochastic is pointing up to indicate that buyers are regaining control of the game even without hitting oversold conditions. RSI, meanwhile, is treading sideways to suggest that consolidation could be underway. The gap between the moving averages is still sufficiently wide so there seems to be no immediate chance of a downward crossover just yet.

Market Factors

There’s not much in the way of US data that could influence dollar price action this week, although it’s worth noting that the special elections in Georgia could prove to be a barometer of support for the Trump administration. A win by a Democrat could lead to an unwinding of the Trump rally, which might be bearish for the dollar and bullish for Bitcoin price.

Meanwhile, Brexit talks and the Queen’s speech in the U.K. could influence overall risk sentiment, along with ongoing discussions to form a coalition government.


We’re off on another week’s worth of trading in the bitcoin price and we’re having to shuffle our key levels around before we get started. Things have been pretty volatile over the weekend and this gives us a couple of options. We can widen out our range and limit our entries to the breaks, or we can narrow things up and try to jump in and out on the choppy action. The latter is a little more aggressive but it probably makes a little more sense to go at things with a bit more conservatism today; at least, that is, while the market finds its post-weekend groove.

If things become a little steadier during the day, we might narrow things in a little. As things stand, however, we’re going to maintain a risk-off sentiment and keep things nice and wide.

So, with all this noted, here’s a look at what we’re watching during the session open and where we’re going to try and get in and out of the markets according to the rules of our intraday strategy.

As ever, take a quick look at the chart below before we get started for the day. It’s a one-minute candlestick chart and it’s got our key range overlaid in blue.

As the chart shows, the range we are going at today comes in at support to the downside at 2506 and resistance to the upside at 2544. As we said, it’s pretty wide, but we’re only on the lookout for breaks right now – intrarange is temporarily shelved.

If we see price break through resistance to the upside, we’re going to try and get in long towards an immediate upside target of 2570. Looking the other way, a close below support will have us in short towards a downside target of 2470.

Happy trading!

Charts courtesy of Trading View

“I am personally excited for the future of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology in general. Current innovations such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and others are just the beginning for this technology that can help revamp many industries. There is plenty of opportunity in this space.” 

                                                                                          – Chalmers Brown, Forbes

Crypto currency markets are notably volatile. Over the course of months and years, they can either plunge or resurface orders of enormity in value. In due course of days, they can double or triple. Hence it’s not a market for the faint-hearted. The existence of hundreds of crypto currencies in the market has made it difficult for an individual to track and monitor the changes 24*7 and make investment decisions. This is resisting the investors to roll up their sleeves and dive into the market. The aforementioned situation calls for a solution that rids an investor from all this pain, a solution that entails to an entity to take smart decisions for you.

MCAP Token: A new era for investors

Rather than fluctuating crazily with the free market, the values of these crypto coins are proportional to that of underlying assets. All one needs to do is choose the right one. At MCAP we ought to take this decision for you. We have gathered a team possessing experience in Fintech, blockchain technology and also legal advisors for assistance. Also, our development team at MCAP has developed algorithms to help us decide which alt-coin to mine to get maximum profits. This complies with our aim to enable users to earn huge returns in the long run by investing in one single coin rather than investing in multiple crypto currencies and hoping for their price to increase. At MCAP we target digital currencies with unbeatable potentials, like Ethereum and Bitcoin. These two alone accounts for a large part of an investor’s portfolio. Nonetheless, it will also focus on additional currencies: Steem, Ripple, Golem and Litecoin. Digital currencies with an average trading value below $100,000 per day (in the past 6 months) are banned from the portfolio automatically.To ensure that the volatility is kept to a minimum and a user’s portfolio is not at risk, the fund makes sure that the assets and associated percentage brought on by the digital currencies alter as the market evolves.

Traditional VC industry is dull; the crypto-tech industry, however, is voltaic/stirring

The decentralization effects of blockchain-based cryptocurrencies are hitting the venture capital industry in more ways than one. The two approaches are diametrically opposed with one being. Traditional venture capital industry is closed market controlled and led by few rich people sitting on the sand hill road. This conventional procedure of fundraising makes it impossible for a “small investor” to invest in early stages of potential startups. Due to either technical or some other constraints the “big investors” enjoy all the high profits. Whereas crypto-tech industry is an open market where anyone can play with gains and risks, hence is more evenly distributed. This blockchain technology has provided a means to connect those having world changing ideas directly to those looking for investment opportunities irrespective of the skill and size of the investment. Now it is possible to invest in disruptive technologies at the very early stages.

MCAP tends to solve this old model run by few and cater investors looking for high profits. It will do so by providing a simple to use and time-saving platform. The experienced team of analysts will ensure that the raised funds are invested in most hot and potential opportunities. This is crucial for keeping them investing in the new economy. With your help, MCAP will bring an influx of fresh capital into the distributed economy, providing funding for exciting new opportunities in mining and ICO.

Empowering small investors

Earlier investment and trading were considered to be fields where only people with the understanding of investment functionalities could garner profits. Another followed convention is that only the people with mighty bank balances should or can participate in investment opportunities.

MCAP is devised to demolish these conventions enabling even the middle class populace with low investments to partake in such opportunities. This will foster their financial condition by providing them an additional source of income.  These revolutionary ideas will introduce middle class and people with low incomes to the main streamline of investment industry. Countries whose chief population falls into the middle class category, such a step will endow people with required motivation to penetrate these markets.

MCAP will enable even a person with little or no know-how of crypto currency market to participate in trading and investment opportunities.

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Over the past few months, we have seen multiple issues affect the Bitcoin network. More specifically, network congestion has been a massive problem so far. Interestingly enough, it appears the Bitcoin transaction mempool is nearly empty right now. Not too long ago, we had around 200,00 unconfirmed transactions stuck in limbo for several days. With the end of the scaling debate nearing, it seems things are finally returning back to normal.

The Bitcoin mempool has always been an intriguing topic of discussion. On multiple occasions, we have seen the number of unconfirmed transactions spike by quite a margin Not too long ago, this number was hovering around the 200,000 mark. A lot of users had to wait several hours, if not days until their transfer was confirmed by the network. It is not an ideal situation by any means.

Bitcoin Mempool is Nearly Empty Right Now

Moreover, network congestion causes the transaction fees to rise. Paying several dollars to move Bitcoin on the network is not acceptable. The many potential scaling solutions should help in alleviating those concerns. However, it has taken the community a very long time to come to a decision regarding these scaling proposals. It is curious how the mempool is virtually empty around the time two different scaling solutions are set to activate on the network over the next few weeks.

No one will complain about the Bitcoin mempool being rather empty, though. Less unconfirmed transactions means users pay lower fees to move money around. Right now, these fees are slowly returning back to normal. Once the new scaling solutions activate on the network, these costs will be reduced even more. Seeing this happen prior to Bitcoin effectively scaling is still quite remarkable, to say the least.

Do keep in mind Bitcoin network congestion can occur at any given time. It is even the person or group responsible for spamming the network ceased activity for the time being. Then again, we have seen such “attacks” pop up out of nowhere at random intervals. It is evident some people want to hurt Bitcoin in every way possible.Creating a transaction backlog is one way of doing so. It is also worth noting the network is now processing 2.44 transactions per second. That is a very low number, although one that will undoubtedly increase over the next few years.

Online slot machine games are more than meets the eye. They are indeed based on chance – or luck – but behind the virtual reels, there are sophisticated algorithms to make sure that the chance you’re playing against is as pure as chance can be.

This post intends to explain the main principles that keep online slot games a fair game. They are listed and elaborated as follows:

Random Number Generator

A random number generator, or RNG, works on an unidentifiable algorithm which makes it impossible to predict the outcomes of players’ bets. Many regulators require online casino operators to integrate RNG systems that are registered by an independent third party.

The organization responsible for certifying the random number generator (RNG) will analyze the source code and perform statistical tests to ensure that the RNG behaves in a random manner. This program generates numbers corresponding to the symbols on a slot machine wheel and thus decides the result of a game.

An RNG system constantly selects random numbers every millisecond — from 0 up to about 4 billion. These numbers are then associated with a position on the wheel of the Slot Machine via a table of correspondence.

Return to Player

Return to Player or RTP is a method of protecting users from losing too much in their slot machine bets. It is basically a term casino use to define the percentage of wagered money a slot machine will give back to the player. For instance, if a casino offers an RTP of 90%, and you have — over time — placed hundred of $1 bets, you can expect to get back 90% of the betted funds, i.e. $90.

RTP is somewhat mirrored to house advantage. So a 90% RTP will certainly mean a 10% house advantage.

Hit Rate

Hit Rate, or Hit Frequency, is defined as a probability of a slot machine for generating a winning outcome. A hit rate of 20% means that a slot machine will stop yielding winning combinations about 20% of the time. It is important to notice that machines with smaller hit rates are likely to offer larger wins.

The above-explained trio ensures to provide a provably fair and responsible gaming experience to all slot machine players. Have a profitable one!