Opporty: The Rise of Decentralized Digital B2B Marketplace

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Gone are the days when people had to rely on a handful of contractors in their phonebook to avail different services. The growth of e-commerce in the past couple of years has opened up unlimited opportunities for both customers as well service providers/suppliers. However, now there is a different problem, due to the sheer number of service providers available on the internet and various pricing practices they follow for different products and services.  It becomes cumbersome for customers to reach out to every one of them and get pricing information and other terms.

With the blockchain revolution sweeping in, things are bound to get easier, and Opporty is one such platform which is going to do so.

Rise of Opporty

Opporty is a decentralized platform that provides a marketplace for business owners and individuals to conduct business by contributing content. As much as it is a digital platform which is well known for its set of challenges, it uses escrow and blockchain powered smart contracts which aim to protect both parties in a transaction. Escrow and smart contracts make it easy for customers to readily trust the service providers even if they don’t have a strong reputation. It, therefore, helps small businesses to grow in the process.

In a highly competitive environment with few big players, the smaller ones have always found it hard to gain a firm footing in the market. But with Opporty, they will be able to survive the challenges that could otherwise make them fail such as competition, higher cost of operations, and efficiency among many others. To customers, it helps them easily get the best deals from service providers in the market.

Upon registration on Opporty, users can access the offers that are on the site and can easily search offers of interest using smart filters. The good thing is that the services are affordable and the terms are flexible.Users can enjoy the benefits of escrow protection (if they opt to). Arising conflicts can be sorted and solved professionally.

Opporty as a platform may face a lot of competition from traditional service marketplaces. The crypto industry is also fairly competitive, but, nonetheless, is abundant with opportunity. The good news is that crypto-powered solutions similar to Opporty are pretty much non-existent. It will be able to survive competition through the quality of service it provides. It has a team of professionals with over ten years’ experience in marketing and small businesses.  Opporty as a platform is user-friendly that connects customers and makes it possible for businesses to close deals. It also employs the use of technologies such as smart contracts as well as leverage on growing crypto-community which makes it easy to gain adoption. It puts crypto enthusiasts into perspective as they can pay for services using cryptocurrencies including Opporty’s own native tokens.

The creation of a leveled playing field in the services sector will also keep the big names and their pricing strategies in check as they will have to match the offerings of smaller players to keep the revenues flowing in. The success of Opporty will mean affordable, standardized and quality services across the market in the near future.

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