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Breaking News! Hedge Project’s Cryptocurrency Indices

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Reuters, the leading news network will soon have Hedge Project’s BC30 (Buchman Crypto 30 Index) cryptocurrency indices listed alongside its mainstream counterparts like S&P500 and others. With the inclusion of BC30 (Buchman Crypto 30 Index) on a popular global news media outlet, the cryptocurrency market is poised to handle extra attention it is going to get soon from mainstream investors and financial institutions as the industry’s credibility is gradually increasing as well.

The BC30 (Buchman Crypto 30 Index) index tracks the prices of top 30 cryptocurrencies — the strongest and most viable cryptocurrencies that make up for 90% of the total market capitalization. As Reuters includes the Hedge Project’s BC30 (Buchman Crypto 30 Index), market observers would be able to have unhindered access to the current prices the top digital currencies are trading at.

It could be recalled that Hedge Project recently launched its token sales with the ICO expected to last from 20 September to 15 October 2017. With the inclusion of BC30 (Buchman Crypto 30 Index) in Reuters’ streaming, Hedge Project is on its way to becoming the number one place to get crypto indices and be the industry’s authoritative source for cryptocurrency prices.

Hedge Project will also be listed on the Morningstar and Quandl, which are also highly reliable sources of information with a huge, loyal userbase.

Bitcoin Price index (BTCCX)

The cryptomarket is highly illiquid; therefore, it is difficult to see one price applying on all the exchanges at a time. This is mostly due to the fact that crypto market is an imperfect place. But BTCCX is the first commercial implementation of reference/benchmark price that mirrors the prices of bitcoin on up to five different exchanges, with emphasis on the most liquid ones.

As the Hedge project is to be streamed on Reuters, it would now be easier for a larger audience to understand what is happening on the Hedge project platform and how they can leverage it to get the best-priced bitcoin to purchase or where to sell their coins and make the highest profit.

Now that Reuters is listing Hedge Token, it is most likely that other news sites may consider joining the bandwagon by adding the project too. That would obviously increase the awareness about the site and increase customer base as more and more people get to know about the project and the advantages it offers them.

About Hedge Project

The Hedge Project is an initiative to develop the ideal platform which will be the backbone for diversification through their flagship products, Crypto Traded Indices (CTIs) and also hedge through different instruments.

The Hedge platform allows crypto investors to confidently handle the risk exposure they have in the cryptocurrency market. In addition, Hedge is prepared to launch set of indices that are professionally designed for the crypto market. Those indices would provide the basis for construction of cryptocurrencies baskets.

The platform is the ideal place for users to access crypto traded indices as well as to trade other derivatives. It is now possible for enthusiast and users to have insight into the crypto markets with professionally designed crypto indices that employ official rule-books. One basic advantage offered by the platform is the ability to control risks with derivatives and hedge exposure to a market that is highly unpredictable.

What you find on the Hedge Platform

The Hedge project presents the first commercial crypto indices with official rulebooks which contain the Cryptocurrencies Top 30 Index, Crypto Assets Index, and Bitcoin Price Index. The platform’s rulebook would be used as a base for tracking indices and as the standard for the crypto market.

Bitcoin price index (BTCCX)

It’s the first commercial way of implementing a single reference price for various Bitcoin marketplaces that conform to the eligibility criteria. It’s going to be a highly transparent rulebook designed to serve as the reference point for those trading bitcoins and the general public.

Cryptocurrency Top 30 Index – BC30 (Buchman Crypto 30 Index)

This calculates the performance of wider crypto market through a consistent price-tracking of the 30 top notch cryptocurrencies by market capitalization.

Crypto Asset Index

This helps to monitor and calculate the performance of utility tokens on crypto markets. Hedge Project is not just designed to be a currency but to index crypto assets with real-world utility as well.

More information about the platform and the ongoing crowdsale is available on the website.

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