EloPlay Seeks to Use Blockchain To Harmonize E-sports.

Eloplay is an e-sports platform that seeks to enable players and organizers hold smart tournaments. The platform achieves it by allowing players to hold prize pools in their tournaments that are decentralized. One key advantage about this platform is that it seeks to encourage professional sportsmen/women to come on board to the platform.

The platform has been around for quite some time. As a result, it has managed to amass a number of players. As of the last count, there were close to 100,000 registered players on the site. Even though it started as a platform that sought to offer only one game, it has grown over the years into a multi-faceted gaming platform that seeks to provide a harmonized environment through which e-sporting activities can be carried out. Some of the notable games that have been organized and played on this platform includes Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Dota 2 and League of Legends.

Not only does the platform organize the tournaments on its own but it also seeks to work with other notable entities to do so. The site seeks advertisers from interested brands that may want to target the e-sport population. This is quite a large number. As of 2017, there were over 400 million e-sport fans across the world. Some of the notable brands the platform has partnered with EloPlay are AdEx Network, Wings and Bancor.

EloPlay is in the process of constantly improving the platform and in order to create a decentralized e-sports ecosystem, it has embarked on a crowdsale campaign. Through this ICO campaign, it seeks to raise a total of USD 12 million. It will be issuing a total of 480 Million tokens. The investors who would like to take part in these ICO will have to purchase the tokens using Ethereum. The price of 10,000 ELT tokens will be set at 1 ETH. Once the ETH payment is made, the participants will receive the equivalent value of tokens in their wallet.

The ICO is set to start on the 16th of October.

The tokens will be available for sale on the company’s website. The campaign is expected to come to a close once the target capital has been raised or on the 15th of November.

There will be a bonus available for the early birds during the ICO launch. For the investors contributing during the first hour of the crowdsale, the platform will be offering a 20% bonus. By the end of the first day, a bonus of 15% will be issued. This will decrease significantly until it gets to 10% then 5 % at the end of the second week.

For more information about the EloPlay platform and its upcoming ICO, please visit the website.

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Linux and their Hyperledger Project have announced that they will be launching a training course and certification program dedicated to blockchain. It’s been designed to help those wanting to get started using blockchain for business applications, and being entirely free and online, it’s as accessible as is possible.

The course is titled “Blockchain for Business: An Introduction to Hyperledger“. It will start on October 25 2017 and be offered at edX.org – Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s joint, not-for-profit learning platform.

Whilst taking and completing the course is entirely free, students can opt to purchase a verified certification for the cost of $99 when they’ve finish their training.

The Hyperledger Project is a blockchain standards organisation which is administered by the Linux Foundation. The Hyperledger Fabric 1.0 is the framework by which large companies such as IBM can build blockchain projects of their own. Brian Behlendorf, Hyperledger executive director said the following about his project and the course itself:

Interest in blockchain technology is exploding; software developers, product teams, and business managers are all desperately eager to figure out how this technology can solve real-world problems. This first introductory-level course is carefully designed for both nontechnical and technical audiences, to bring everyone further up the learning curve and get started with it on their own business needs.

The program will be divided into various key areas. The will include:

  • Understanding blockchain technology.
  • Current Hyperledger projects and their use cases.
  • Building simple apps on Hyperledger Fabric.
  • How to get involved and work with the Hyperledger Project.

Whilst blockchain technology has already found one practical application in the exchange value, there are many in the space who have an unwavering belief that it will eventually underpin many operations in a variety of industries. It can be used to track ownership of digital (Bitcoin etc.) or physical objects. Thanks to blockchain’s immutability, and security features, many outside the cryptocurrency space are becoming interested in it. Commercial uses for the technology could eventually include banking, finance, insurance, conveyancing, and even governance. It’s the Linux Foundation’s goal to get business owners familiar with blockchain implementation so that they too can reap the benefits of a more trust-less future with fewer expensive middlemen.

Video killed the radio star may have just been a famous song in the 80s, but it’s definitely a modern truth today.  Even though videos are the biggest source of online content, top sites such as YouTube aren’t capitalizing on the latest advantages in technology.  Because of this, video content creators aren’t being adequately rewarded for their work.  Thanks to Flixxo, that’s all about to change.

The platform offers a decentralized alternative to YouTube and the likes that aim to offer more power and revenue to creators.  These content creators upload their videos to the peer-to-peer network and determine how many tokens, or Flixx, users need to pay to watch it.  The smart contract linked to Flixxo’s blockchain technology allows the creator to decide how the Flixx that they earn will be shared with partners and users who seed the video.

The platform was founded by: Adrian Garelik, a filmmaker and co-founder of Rootstock; Federico Abad, a UX/UI professional who created Popcorn Time; Pablo Carbajo, a cryptocurrency expert responsible for building up Reicoin and Javier D’Ovidio, the CEO of Edrans.

Their user model seems to be impressing some big names, such as Rodrigo Saiegh, who is the executive producer at FAV! Media, which produces social media content for Sony and HBO among others.

“There are a bunch of new trends on digital content production, looking for disruption on digital distribution.  By growing up an economy for teenagers and millennials, Flixxo will develop new business opportunities for such content,” Saiegh said.

In addition, advertising on the platform is extremely unobtrusive.  In fact, advertisers actually purchase Flixx from the content creators.  They then determine how much Flixx they’ll pay out to the users who watch their ads.  It definitely seems like a win-win situation and results in an organic financial ecosystem.

Flixxo’s token presale will begin on the 13th of October with a fixed amount of one billion tokens for sale.  Their crowdsale will start on the 24th of October and will last for 30 days.  During the crowdsale, 300,000,000 Flixx will be available and can be purchased with ETH.  One Flixx is equivalent to 0.00025 ETH.  In addition, early investors can enjoy discounts ranging from 10% to 30%.

A breakdown of the token distribution can be seen below:


The second quarter of 2018 will see the company debut their functional platform, while the fourth quarter of next year sees Flixxo integrating with networks of other video platforms.  In early 2019, the company hopes to integrate gaming, music and marketplace platforms onto their site to continue to work towards their goal of changing the way we share and stream media.

As more nations come forward with their plans for cryptocurrency regulation, lawmakers’ varied approaches to the issue highlight the many challenges and difficulties presented by such a revolutionary new asset. Around 13 countries have now imposed their own rules or announced intention to do so. Amongst them is considerable diversity. These range from outright bans in Bolivia and Ecuador to fully legal status in Japan.

The latest nation to hit the headlines in relation to digital assets is Russia. Their executive have long been sceptical of cryptocurrency but now it appears they’re ready to act upon it. On Tuesday on this week, President Vladimir Putin called for regulation of the space, expressing the “serious risks” they pose to the state through money laundering and tax evasion. The announcement was coupled with central bank officials declaring their cooperation with prosecutors to block cryptocurrency exchanges from the public. The first governor of the Russian central bank went even further with his damnation declaring Bitcoin “a pyramid scheme.”

China too has appeared equally hostile to cryptocurrency, although as per tradition, their cards have been kept much closer to their chest. Early September saw the pseudo-communist power ban fund-raising via initial coin offerings. This was followed by several exchanges announcing they would cease operation there. Lately, rumours have been circulating that China will soon embrace Bitcoin once more, only this time with much tougher regulation around the space.

However, ever-resilient to attack, Bitcoin found a way. Thanks to trading platforms like LocalBitcoins, and encrypted chat platforms like Telegram, the Chinese public are still able to buy and sell cryptocurrency. Judging by the swells in activity on both the aforementioned platforms, the people aren’t going to give up crypto lightly.

Nor is it possible to completely wipe out crypto. Thanks to the peer-to-peer, distributed network upon which the currency runs, users can interact with blockchains as long as they have access to the internet. The system requires no nod from either bank or government. In an amusing analogy, Alex Tapscott, of NextBlock Global Ltd., likened attempting controlling digital assets to “trying to catch water.”

Such sentiment hasn’t stopped the likes of Russia, Bolivia, Ecuador, South Korea, and China from attempting to limit access to all or some aspects of cryptocurrencies. It’s hardly surprising that nations with large governments would fear such a radical, seemingly chaotic commodity. Roger Ver, Bitcoin proponent and entrepreneur outlines some of their fears:

As cryptocurrencies gain wider acceptance, their ability to undermine politicians increases… The invention of bitcoin is one of the most liberating technologies in all of human history. It is on par with the importance of the invention of the printing press, or the internet itself.

Elsewhere, things are much less fatalistic. Rather than talking of bans, a European Central Bank worker last week claimed that the institution were talking about “concrete legal restrictions” on digital coin sales.

The United States have taken tentative steps formulating their stance on cryptocurrency regulation. The US Commodities Futures Trading Commission legally classified Bitcoin as a commodity, and this year approved the first options trading, clearing, and settlement firm. The SEC have also offered some preliminary words regarding initial coin offerings. In July, they said that ICOs are to be classified as securities and therefore must fall under the same legal requirements. However, they did offer a proviso if “a valid exemption applies”.

Meanwhile in the UK, Bitcoin is treated in exactly the same way that foreign currency is. It’s therefore exempt from value added taxes. The British legislature were one of the first to publish clear regulation, and directives. They did so in 2014 stating: “bitcoin may be held as an investment or used to pay for goods or services at merchants where it is accepted.”

Going one step further is Japan. Earlier this year, the country recognised Bitcoin as legal tender, and legislated on cryptocurrency exchanges. This essential green-light from the Japanese government is helping to cultivate a rich hive of entrepreneurial activity, and it’s no surprise that Japan are now trading volume leaders in the digital currency space. There are also strong indicators that Vietnam are preparing to do the same.

As more countries attempt to draft their own cryptocurrency regulation for themselves, it’s likely that this diversification of legislative approaches will continue. With some of the largest economies on the planet having already made their feelings about crypto known, and the price still creeping towards that illustrious $5,000 psychological barrier, it’s hard to imagine the value of the network depreciating in any catastrophic fashion any time soon. That said, this is crypto and after a while in the space, nothing really comes as a surprise anymore.






The Ethereum ecosystem is home to many exciting developments these days. One of the latest concepts revolves around creating a self-sovereign identity standard. Creating a blockchain standard to prove one’s identity will certainly shake up a few different industries as we speak. The ERC725 proposal is still in the early stages, but it sounds pretty appealing. Bringing the gap between human and machine will require a lot of work, though.

It is quite interesting to take note of ERC725. Fabian Vogelsteller, the person responsible for this concept, wants to introduce a new blockchain-based standard. More specifically, he aims to focus on a self-sovereign identity standard for all Ethereum users. A pretty ambitious goal, although his idea is getting a lot of positive feedback so far. If successful, this new project will become part of the Ethereum backbone as we know it today.

ERC725 can be a Game Changer for Ethereum

The overall response to this concept is pretty positive so far. Some people see it as a “very useful” feature, which is a positive sign. However, it is clear ERC725 still requires a lot of work and there is lots of room for future improvements. Then again, it is still a concept in the very early stages of development. Bridging the gap between blockchain and identity will not be easy by any means. It is an area which direly needs to be explored, though.

Some people may wonder what ERC725 aims to solve exactly. There are a few startups working on blockchain-based identity solutions already. This new project focuses on interoperability and will establish a new standard overall. Moreover, it allows smart contracts to interact with real-world identities. It is a concept that will transcend use cases outside of the interfaces alone. Plus, it removes the need for third parties to store information about you on their own servers. One unified approach can go a very long way in this regard, to say the least.

Considering how this is still early day, there are a lot of aspects about ERC725 which still need to be clarified. Identity verification can occur in many different ways. We will know more once the proposal is formally introduced, which occurs later this week. It is a work in progress everyone should keep an eye on, that much is certain. For now, there is no official “timeline” to finalize this concept.

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Just as was the case this morning, we aren’t going to waste any time going over historical action in the bitcoin price ahead of this evening’s analysis. Things are moving too fast and if we spend time looking at how price got to where it is right now, particularly from this morning’s levels, we might miss an entry.

Suffice to say, things have been very volatile and price is currently trading in and around the 4780 level. 4800 is very much on the horizon and this could be a stepping stone towards getting near to, or breaking through, 5000.

So, with that noted, let’s get some levels in place that we can use for the session this evening. As ever, take a quick look at the chart below before we get going with our strategy outline. It is a one-minute candlestick chart (so each candle on the chart represents one minute’s worth of price action) and it has our range overlaid in green.

As the chart shows, then, the range that we are forging forward into tonight’s session with is defined by support to the downside at 4759 and resistance to the upside at 4795. There’s a certain symmetry to it, which is nice. Anyway, we digress.

There is probably not quite enough room for us to go at things with our intrarange strategy right now, so we are going to stick with our breakout strategy for the time being. Specifically, if we see price close above resistance, we will enter long towards an immediate upside target of 4830. A stop loss on this one at 4780 gives us a nice risk-reward profile for the trade.

Looking the other way, if we see price close below support, we will jump in short towards an immediate downside target of 4730. A stop loss on this one somewhere in the region of 4766 keeps things tight.

Chart courtesy of Trading View


Price action is held within $34 and $25 and so long as volatility doesn’t result in a strong bullish candlestick which closes above $34, we shall continue to treat this rebound as a retest following a breakout. For bear trend to be confirmed, bulls should retest $32-$34 before a correction resulting in a close below yesterday’s lows of $32 and the 20 period MA support. Refer Figure 1 (above): NEOUSD-Daily Chart-11.10.2017


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Figure 2: DASHUSD-Daily Chart-11.10.2017

Further moves lower, is proving futile after price tested $250. I’m still a bear and after a breakout, similar set-ups in the past often show gravitation higher and retest of support turned resistance which in this case will be at around $300 to $310. Any price appreciation with sell signals in lower time frames around $290 provides a wonderful shorting opportunity for sellers. However, if prices continue to rise in sync with stochastic bullish momentum and close above $320, 09.10.2017 will definitely be a fake bear break-out.


IOTA, oct 11, analysis, altcoins, market
Figure 3: IOTUSD-Daily Chart-11.10.2017

On Monday, the first take profit level was at $0.45 was hit. Since Monday was particularly bearish with strong bearish volumes driving prices lower, consolidation was expected as historically proven. Volumes dipped and yesterday ended up higher, exciting bulls. There are new sets of conditions for bears to be sure of their trend. First, the support line at $0.45 must be broken and secondly, the resistance trend line drawn from 30.09.2017 and 06.10.2017 highs must hold and rebuff any price appreciation. If there is a bull volume spike and price close above $0.52, we enter long and aim at the first resistance line at $0.65.


xmr, altcoins, analysis, monero, oct 11
Figure 4: Monero-XMRUSD-Daily Chart-11.10.2017

Price action has reverted back to its daily average range even after Monday’s bear break out. At just $4 range and a bullish candlestick, bears gave up on some of their Monday’s gain. Since our bearish view remains invariable, 09.10.2017 lows of $82 will be our minor support line and any further price depreciation below it means a break away from the BB squeeze. This will cement bear position and confirm a bear break out. However, If price close higher, then $82 lows will be in sync with 24.08.2017 and 22.09.2017 lows for a double bottom reversal pattern. In that case, a break above the 20 period MA and resistance trend line will invalidate my bear projection and buyers should aim at $106.


lisk, lsk, altcoin, analysis, cryptocurrency
Figure 5: LSKUSD-Daily Chart-11.10.2017

As noted yesterday, the short to medium trend of this pair depended directly on the nature of participants. In this case, it turned out that buy volume was high after Monday when candlestick closed as a doji. You can also note that despite the lower BB hugging, the price actually closed below the lower band. As a result momentum up was confirmed yesterday with a buy signal and an evening star in the process. Since this is a 3-star reversal pattern and double bottoms at 09.10.2017 and 15.09.2017 lows, we close our sells and aim for 18.09.2017 highs of $6.85. Trend high will be strong especially if price action break and close above support turned resistance trend line at $5.5.

Contributed by Dalmas Ngetich, an expert with 3 years in Forex, Commodity and Cryptocurrency trading. All charts, courtesy of Trading View

Allowing more people to invest in cryptocurrencies is not an easy feat by any means. Especially when it comes to institutional investors, there is a long way to go. RoboForex aims to name a positive impact in this regard, with a new cryptocurrency-related CFD venture. This is a big move for the international brokerage group. Whether or not this will impact cryptocurrencies in a major way, remains to be determined.

It is good to see RoboForex embark on such a bold venture. More specifically, launching CFDs on cryptocurrencies remains a risky venture, all things considered. Although such investment vehicles have a lot of promise, there is no guarantee for success whatsoever. Rest assured there will be some interest in these ventures, though. The company will mainly focus on Bitcoin and Ethereum for the time being.

RoboForex has a Bold Plan for CFD Trading

These new trading instruments can be found in MT4 and MT5 terminals accordingly. The decision to support cryptocurrencies was made due to growing customer demand. Focusing on the most popular solutions makes a lot of sense in this regard. This new investment vehicle will benefit traders and RoboForex partners as well. These instruments are available as of right now, which means people can get their hands on cryptocurrency CFDs as of right now.

This decision comes at a rather interesting time, to say the least. Interest and valuation of cryptocurrencies have grown significantly throughout 2017. The strong interest of buyers and investors cannot be ignored in this regard. Enabling cryptocurrencies for CFD trading is a pretty big decision for the company, to say the least. Deriving profits from many different investment vehicles is always the main goal for RoboForex customers.

The potential presented by cryptocurrencies markets is quite big right now. Specialists claim the Bitcoin price can easily double in value in a few months from now. With a higher price point seems an increased interest, and the cycle repeats itself. RoboForex wants to make a big name for itself in this industry while it is still in the nascent stages. Attracting more investors is always a great idea. It will be interesting to see how successful this CFD venture will be in the long run.

In an attempt to support the development of a blockchain-based global solution for financial freedom, Bonpay has decided to raise funds via an ICO.

The UK-based FinTech service, which focuses on promoting cryptocurrency dissemination and usage, stated in its latest press release that it will embark on its crowdsale campaign by mid-October 2017. It also used the opportunity to introduce its institutionalized token that will be the center of their upcoming crowdsale round.

BON, as the token is titled, will be an ERC20 standard cryptocurrency. 85% of these token units will be allocated for the public sale, while the rest of them will be assigned to the Bonpay team and early investors. They will also be reserved for long-term strategic interests.

The scale of Bonpay project is very big and it can be easily assumed where they will be putting all their financial resources in the coming months. The company is bringing, as it quotes, a revolutionary Decentralized Liquidity Network system that will enable any exchange or transaction process to be implemented on demand, swiftly and without any delay. This is a huge proposal, considering how the traditional crypto market is lately suffering from liquidity issues, hampering the overall user adoption rate, as a result.

“With DLN’s help, users will be able to exchange or purchase a currency of their choice without giving a thought about the underlying mechanism,” stated Bonpay. “The capabilities of DLN system fits Bonpay’s motto – to provide not only financial freedom but also the freedom of worries” perfectly. The platform ensures that all the participants of the deal are satisfied with their experience.”

The ICO will also support the development of a transparent rate system. This system is proposed in the wake of growing discrepancies of the ongoing currency exchange practices. Bonpay explained:

“This [Transparent Rate System] feature will be realized by the DLN implementation and will let users escape sharp exchange movements, avoid hidden conversion fee and execute future transfers reasonably.”

We have seen quite a few different Bitcoin price projections as of late. Some people feel Bitcoin is a bubble waiting to burst any time now. Others see the price skyrocket in the coming few months to a new all-time high. Former Fortress hedge fund manager Michael Novogratz claims Bitcoin will reach $10,000 by Mid-2018. A very ambitious goal, to say the least, although it is not entirely unrealistic either.

There is no denying the Bitcoin price will go up as more time progresses. What is considered to be a high value now will eventually be a drop in the bucket. Whether or not we will see any major changes anytime soon, remains to be seen. If it is up to Michael Novogratz, the new Bitcoin price all-time high is just around the corner. In fact, he is convinced Bitcoin will at least double in price in the next six to ten months. Such an optimistic view from someone entrenched in the world of traditional finance is rather uncommon.

A Bullish Statement by Novogratz

Then again, the Bitcoin market has taken a lot of people by surprise. Even though Jamie Dixon may not like it, good things continue to happen to cryptocurrency. Considering how Dixon still claims this is all a bubble, his statement looks very unprofessional right now. Fortress hedge fund manager Novogratz is pretty confident in his price prediction, though. In fact, he is going “all in”, so to speak.

Investor interest in Bitcoin is certainly growing every single week. The demand for the world’s leading cryptocurrency has never been greater. Whether or not the trend can remain intact, remains to be seen, though. While things are looking good now, this is still a very volatile industry in which things can be turned on their head pretty quickly. Whether or not that will be the case with Bitcoin in its current momentum, remains to be seen.

Novogratz plans to launch a fund to invest in cryptocurrencies. A total of $500m is being raised to make sure this happens. The focus will also be on ICOs and related companies, which is pretty interesting. It is expected the money will be raised by January of 2018. With institutional money slowly flowing into cryptocurrencies, big things are on the horizon. Novogratz may be one of the first of many “traditional” investors to make a major impact on the industry in the coming months. A bright future looms ahead for Bitcoin, that much is certain.