Playkey Incentivizes Gamers to Make Use of Their GPUs For Mining

Avatar Jayanand Sagar 2 years ago

The Playkey platform is a cloud gaming solution specifically designed to meet the needs of all hardcore games available on any device without the requirement of GPU or CPU. Recently, Playkey announced the launch of its own blockchain-based cloud gaming platform, which will allow people to play top games all over the world without installations or downloads. This platform works by enabling miners with powerful PCs to contribute GPU power and be incentivized in cryptocurrency.

Currently, the Playkey platform caters for 2.5 million gamers, generating millions of dollars in annual revenues. The platform has over hundreds of games available for the users. There are also plans on increasing the number of servers to U.S and in Asia from its user base. The network is supported by 100+ Nvidia Grid powered servers located in Moscow, Amsterdam, London, and Frankfurt, helping people work on the cryptocure. The Playkey team comprises of 45 experienced R&D experts who work together closely with most of the leading game publishers including Wargaming, Bethesda, and Ubisoft. The beautiful thing about this platform is that it is backed by a large European VC funds.

This unique gaming platform from Playkey is revolutionizing the game market in this 21st century. Not only is the platform for game lovers but serves as a system for crypto enthusiasts to mine from the platform. We will look at the role of this platform in the gaming market.

Gamers will:

  • Have the opportunity of playing the best AAA-games without location or hardware. You could use Smart TV, MAC, old PC, etc. There will not be any need downloading any client’s game.
  • Low ping, high class of service, and perfect image quality because of the wide range peer-to-peer servers
  • Have lower expenses when you compare it to buying a new personal computer.

This platform will also enable game publishers and developers to expand their client base. The peer-to-peer decision model of the Company Playkey will enable owners of top video cards to receive more when they combine mining cryptocurrency and the opportunity of gamers playing the game with an internet connection.

Finally, the campaign for its Initial Coin Offering (ICO) has already begun while the token is expected to be released on November 1. Just this past summer, more than $2.8 million has been invested into the Playkey platform. During the Initial Coin Offering (ICO) pre-sale campaign, the company collected more than $3.5 million in sales. This included $1 million from the American fund Uncharted Capital and over $1 million from Allrise Financial Group’.

One of the sources for its peer-to-peer project will be through its ICO. The price of this coin (PKT) is set at 0.0004 ETH but Playkey is planning on setting a hard cap at 240,00 ETH with the offering of 1.3 to 15 percent bonuses depending on how early investors are ready to bear risk when buying the token.

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