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Genesis Mining Adds BCH- New Payment Option for Cloud Mining Contracts

Avatar newsbtc 2 years ago

Finding a reliable cloud mining service provider is not an easy feat. A lot of companies are shady or stop paying out after a while. Genesis Mining has been around for several years now, and they continue to provide a reliable service0. Although not everyone is a big fan of this service, cryptocurrency mining is always unpredictable. One thing is certain: the company plans to integrate Bitcoin Cash payments. An interesting decision, although one that makes a lot of sense.

The public opinion on Genesis Mining is a bit of a mixed bag these days. The company has seen some minor issues, but those are mainly due to cryptocurrency’s unpredictable nature. At the same time, they are still standing several years later. Customers are still receiving payments, and the company is looking to keep moving forward. Over the years, Genesis Mining added new currencies to mine. That change has been well-received by the overall cryptocurrency community.

BCH Payments are Coming to Genesis Mining

One thing that hasn’t changed much is the payment options supported by this platform. Most people purchase Genesis Mining cloud mining contracts with Bitcoin or a credit card. It is due time more payment options are added to this list. The company is seemingly experimenting with Bitcoin Cash integration as we speak. That would be an interesting addition. Given the high fees and slow transactions of Bitcoin, it is evident computers will eventually start to butt in.

Unlike Bitcoin, the Bitcoin Cash network seems to run smooth as butter. Granted, there was a minor transaction backlog last weekend. Issues such as those are often resolved very quickly,  though. As a result, BCH makes for a better payment option than Bitcoin right now. Genesis Mining is at least willing to give this altcoin a fighting chance. This doesn’t mean there will be any major surge in customers paying with BCh, though. Only time will tell if that can be the case.

For now, Genesis Mining users won’t be able to use Bitcoin Cash just yet. This is mainly because the company is out of hashpower to sell to customers. It’s a good sign for the company, although they will need to bring more hardware online very soon. Cryptocurrencies are still “hot” right now and people want to get in on the action. With so few reliable cloud mining providers about, Genesis Mining can strike it rich. The addition of BCH payments will certainly have some sort of impact as well.

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