Ripple Price Rises as new Fake Coinbase Listing Rumors Appear

JP Buntinx | March 5, 2018 | 10:11 am

Ripple Price Rises as new Fake Coinbase Listing Rumors Appear

JP Buntinx | March 5, 2018 | 10:11 am

There are always interesting developments to take note of in the cryptocurrency world. Right now, the XRP price is surging once again. Thanks to solid gains over the past few hours, the XRP price surpassed $1. Most of this excitement is fueled by speculation and hype, though.

XRP Price is Soaring

No one will deny the XRP price is moving up quite nicely as of right now. Its 17% gain over the past 24 hours should not be taken lightly whatsoever. As is usually the case in this industry, the current price jump is primarily fueled by hype, speculation, and expectations. That doesn’t mean Ripple is not a solid project, though, but it is evident all things need to be put into their proper perspective at all times.

This time around, it seems most people expect Ripple’s asset to be added to the Coinbase exchange. It is not the first time such rumors surface. Last time around, the information was completely bogus, eventually triggering a massive market sell-off in the process. It is not unlikely history will repeat itself in this regard.

There is no indication Coinbase will list XRP anytime soon. The company has made no official announcements as of right now. That doesn’t mean the digital asset will never find its way to this exchange in the future. For now, however, the company is seemingly not interested in dealing with XRP.  Situations like these are always subject to change, though. For now, there is no indication such a listing will occur anytime soon.

The Positive Momentum for Ripple

Although speculation fuels the XRP price right now, parent company Ripple has made positive strides. Their xRapid solution is of great interest to major remittance providers. Some of the world’s biggest names have signed up to trial this technology. It is unclear if this will lead to real-world integration in the future, but the tone is set. xRapid makes use of XRP for cross-border liquidity, thus the use cases for this asset will eventually increase in number.

Even so, it remains unlikely either Coinbase of GDAX will enable XRP trading. While anything is possible in this industry, nothing is true unless an official statement is issued by the company in question. So far, that has not happened in any official capacity as yet. With positive things happening to the company, the value of its native asset will increase eventually. Unfortunately, a lot of people want to get rich quick in cryptocurrency, which often leads to awkward price momentum.

On paper, XRP has a good chance to become a major player in terms of real-world adoption. Unlike traditional cryptocurrencies, this asset can effectively make a positive impact right now. If xRapid turns out to be a success for players such as MoneyGram and Western Union, the world of remittance will look very different very soon. That would be a much better reason for an XRP price rise compared to fake Coinbase rumors.

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  • Bob Donovitch

    XRP the NAZI party of cryptocurrencies… Ever see a more rabid bunch than the XRP crowd… Well maybe the TRX crowd runs a close second.

    • Says the BTC shill calling people nazis lol

    • Citizen123

      I’m a XRP HODL’er. Rapid not really, passionate most definitely!

  • Antonio Penta

    Worst comment ever ..xrp has never state will go on coinbase.. Who is investing on xrp is just looking for the only crypto that will survive to any regulation

  • DJ

    Actually the previous xrp coinbase rumor was not all rumor, coinbase had a page on their site that they took down which mentioned listing xrp.


    People love to spread FUD about XRP. Ripple has done so many deals over the past month. Yes some leverage XRP some don’t. Yes it is centralized, but you cannot deny at this point the role XRP will play. If you want decentralized buy XLM too.

    • PremiumMind

      I think a lot of the push back comes from the continual reference in the Ripple Community that Banks one day, will be adding XRapid support for their Nostro accounts. As XRP is not legal tender, it won’t just happen like magic. Regulations, treaties, legal frameworks all play a part in the movement of money, and XRP is not a part to any of those documents and agreements which have been in place for decades.

      Introducing XRP into a giant financial mechanism that despises XRP in the first place, won’t be easy or even happen in the next few years. Expect the “Old Financial” system to implement blockchain at its own pace and in a manner that protects its own interests.

  • Jon Blowhard

    honestly for any coin, if Coinbase decides to list them, is this GOOD or BAD news??? lol…worst company EVER

  • Harin Singh

    rumours and fake news all.coinbase is not interested in centralised xrp.maybe in the future but for now just hold your marbles and wait.xrp back to$0.962

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