AirPod: An Opportunity for Collecting Profits in Real Estate Industry

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AirPod is the world’s first smart multifunctional revitalization pod that will be placed in all public spaces. We want to provide our supporters with something more – they will get an opportunity to earn lifetime profits by renting out revitalization pods in best locations worldwide.

World’s first revitalization pod

These state-of-the-art revitalization pods will be placed in all public spaces like airports, shopping centers, event venues, train and bus terminals, hotels and more. AirPod is an ideal solution for anyone looking for a private place to get some much-needed rest and revitalization even when they are in a public place. It will also serve as a work cubicle from which they can make important business calls without interference or disturbance.

There is a growing demand for such a product, as people are increasingly working longer days with hectic schedules that they can make do with some rest and revitalization whenever and wherever possible. And the penetration of mobile devices and their role in communications, both official and personal has created a need for private spaces for people to talk or share information without worrying about someone eavesdropping. In such a scenario, AirPod presents itself as a unique product that will completely change the perception of people’s well-being while enhancing productivity at the same time, making it a game-changer.

AirPod’s business model

The innovative product uses innovative blockchain technology as an important part of its business model. AirPod’s mission is to connect business-minded people around the world and reward its supporters with lifetime benefits. By taking part in the AirPod Sponsorship Programme, supporters of the project will become an active part of the AirPod ecosystem and economy and get an opportunity to collect passive profits from renting out AirPod units.

At the same time, the community members participating in the token sale and purchasing APOD will not only be providing the company with much-needed funding to get the products from assembly line to public domain, but also play a significant role in promoting the health and well-being of many potential users around the world – the vision and a bigger picture of the project.

Those apprehensive about contributing towards the AirPod project can breathe easy as 10 core elements of the project stand to guarantee its success. These include:

  • AirPod is a uniquely designed unit created by leading professionals with more than 40 years’ experience.
  • Each AirPod unit distributed around the world at airports, healthcare centers, hotels, event venues, shopping malls, and other public spaces will be rented out in order to generate revenue and further enhance the AirPod ecosystem.
  • The AirPod is a product that is expected to thrive in the underestimated napping industry which is valued at over a whopping USD 500 million per annum. This means the napping industry is in high demand around the world.
  • AirPod will deploy a modern business and payment model involving the use of smart contracts on the blockchain network which will lead to a rapid expansion of the business as well as building a viable bridge linking the real economy with the smart economy using blockchain technology.
  • The growth of the AirPod ecosystem will build on the combination of AirPod’s excellent business and payment model and the huge potential of the napping industry.
  • All participants in the AirPod ICO will be fairly rewarded as the blockchain is built on the principles of security, safety, openness, and transparency. With the AirPod project in full swing, blockchain technology will take a huge step towards going mainstream.
  • Participants in the AirPod ICO can expect the APOD token valuation to grow mainly due to the exquisite nature of the token ecosystem.
  • AirPod is entering into a strategic partnership agreement with one of the biggest firms in the airport lounge industry that will see the distribution of AirPods in the lounges of major airports around the world.
  • A large number of airlines have shown serious interest in investing in the company through the purchase of AirPod shares.
  • Finally, the airport industry has an estimated 6 billion passengers per annum with 10% of this figure representing transit passengers and the annual growth rate of the industry is approximately 6.4%. By providing AirPods to the airport industry alone, the potential for revenue generation will be enormous as this is where smart multifunctional revitalization pod units are most needed.

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