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To Err is Human. To correct divine.

Avatar Vesa 1 year ago

“Human happiness and moral duty are inseparably connected.”-
George Washington

A rather lofty way to kick off an article don’t you think? It could be described as having a purpose. Perhaps something larger than what revolves around pure self-interest. The question also is, what does that have to do with the avalanche of butthurt crypto traders cramming twitter full of ‘2017 to 2018 sad difference’ memes? Simple. If you are only here to extract value, not contribute, it will be a rough ride for you. The main visual of this article refers to the recent further price collapse of crypto, of course, but this is most certainly not a lament. The polar bear is now roaring so the whole forest echoes and quivers but with it comes clarity. With self-reflection, this whole thing could show us how to make the next correction more moderate when it hits us. LOL. Let’s be real. There is no way it will do that but one can bubble.

Some practical principles for some remain constant though. This following visual stands as the course correction to the current general mood of crypto crisis porn and sets the tone of the rest of the article. This is not about political power wrangling nor so much about what was or wasn’t done before. It can be interpreted also as my personal view on how to course correct on a micro and macro level during this winter in terms of attitude and foresight – if you are still in this space.

The Great Course Correction

Anyone who has seen the bigger picture of this block evolution might be short-circuiting for the short term overspending they might have done but well aware this is only temporary. Since I just finished the fourth season of the House Of Cards and I’m writing this in Washington DC, the tone of this is perhaps a bit more stately than usual. The mission of Tour De Crypto is no joke of course and I’m happy to be here to put my share into the pot. None of it has come easy for any of us, and some f**kery had to be tolerated to follow through with everything. To do the right thing is hard if possible at all with human paradox. No one gets it right all the time but here are some damn good efforts.

We are there together of course to offer our superstar crammed crypto miracle piece “Blood On The Podcast Floor.” It recently made it to Forbes as well to give it some more value history.

Read the article here.

Tour De Crypto have refused the bear market, injury or weather moaning and just got the job done – followed by more. They also just opened the books for the sponsors for 2019 so please consider this doubling down of George quotes:

“99% of failures come from people who make excuses.”
– George Washington

What’s New Crypto Cat?

No. I’m not releasing a crypto kitty. Not yet anyway. Right before coming over I had an opportunity to hang out on air with DJ J Scrilla and Cynthia from Art On The Blockchain. Our episode 25 just came out and goes further into some of the following events and the engine that drives me. It also reveals that I curse a lot and am unaccustomed to radio PC talk. Sorry about that folks! The crypto disk spinning J also just released a song called ‘I Wear Gucci‘ celebrating the life and times of Dr. Craig S Wright. Looking forward to meeting them live soon at Washington Elite. It includes a shout-out to #freeross as well.

Coming soon on the 3rd of December right after this is the Robin deLisser event “Blockchain World Open“. She impressively gathered the top talent and more within a couple of weeks to birth an ‘UNconference’ with myself, Brock Pierce, Jeremy Gardner, etc.

It is designed to be small, intimate & meaningful. An open space for newbies, entrepreneurs, executives, developers – everyone interested in learning about blockchain & cryptocurrency. It is about interesting pioneers, masterminds, artists, investors & entrepreneurs who will share their knowledge & their ideas about our future.

A saying that always bothered me is: “Don’t hate the player. Hate the game.” Relating to the earlier George quote the inconsistency of the statement unraveled for me while being annoyed by it in the shower a week back. It always just comes across as excuses by questionable characters to be able to misbehave – the frame actually come apart relatively easy. There are people I respect due to their values and actions. Some I want nothing to do with. There are games I like to play and others I don’t participate in. The world, especially after the arrival of crypto, is not a single player game even if the real alternatives are just being built. One of the reasons why I’m feeling good about my recent choices is the new association with the Goldfingr network.

our ethos

Give 1st – Always add value

They are doing it the original cool NY style of no social media and spreading word of mouth in the top ‘underground’ as a club for those who know what’s up. I love the foundational attitude and values that are aligned with what is being delivered. I’ll be joining the network starting from the Light Node Media event Art Decentralized, which I’m headlining on the 6th of December at Nikki Beach in Miami.

It is one of the first real attempts to bring serious collectors, crypto art, and content together. I’m certainly psyched to have this be the first ever crypto event I get to spearhead.

See the event here


It was also decided that my collaboration with the World Crypto Con guys, who have put on an overarching events company called Evolv, continues indefinitely with three new already announced events including Monaco, The Hodl Rally and the 2019 WCC. They have graciously offered me the pole position as the main featured artist. The events will include some ground and ocean shaking eruptions so stay tuned for what will be a glorious crypto tour around the sun!

Here is a flipped bird for you House Of Cards.

No one here wants to play your shitty game.

We are making new ones with new rules, at least for many, so you become obsolete.


Now go build something cool of your own you stalker.

This digital wolf-proof house ain’t gonna build itself.

Oh. And if I screwed something up my excuse is jetlag.

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London / Helsinki
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Vesa is a contributing art writer on News BTC. He is credited for innovating an entirely new art form Artevo and his new platform Art For Crypto, focuses on art for and about the blockchain. He is best known for his collaboration...

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