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Avatar Vesa 8 months ago

How dare you? If you’ve missed the theme and meme, you’ve been pretty far off the grid for the past few days. The common thing many now say is that we need more awareness of the problems we face. I reckon we’ve reached peak awareness that we’ve got all kinds of trouble. Most people are feeling overwhelmed by the hailstorm of issues we get bombarded by on a minute-to-minute basis.

For the love of all beings, let’s move on to “We need more solutions.”

– Solving Problems –

After having watched the ‘One Strange Rock‘ nature series on Netflix, I was once more reminded about how stunningly interconnected the natural infrastructure of the earth is. The astronauts and Will Smith guide us through an uncommon view of the earth. It blew my mind, to be honest, and I’ve seen a few before. I applaud the spirit of Greta and the movement towards demanding change, so we realize the need to align with this reality better. However, stopping central commerce and getting the masses to the streets without a vision forward is dangerous too. The data tells us that the better a society is doing financially, the less it pollutes.

The ad hominem attacks on Greta are garbage, but we need to be able to question concepts and ideologies. Preferably informed by the bloodshed and horror of the previous century too. As the National Geographic series suggests, we are here forged through hundreds of millions of years of violence, hardship, and extreme conditions. We are still here, so having faith for the future is not only for fools. The demand for action requires direction, and contemplation of the minuses of those actions too. Political naivety and trust in institutions that no longer deserve it, is part of the problem. To completely collectivist talking points, just a bit of pro-capitalism by Steven Pinker and critique of the current state of socialism by Jordan Peterson is fresh viewing for balance.

Where am I going with this? Bear with me. This one jumps around the timeline like a Tarantino movie.

– From a Collaboration Forum To Another –

A person can easily drown in online debates alone, and the deepfake propaganda is almost upon us. The ad hominem’s on all sides are about to get much worse. On a collective level, even if the solution is planting trees through armies, mass implementing renewables, and a new decentralized economic model – the future needs better integrated technical foundations to allow them to happen. Security online, on our identities, and finances are heating further as topics. The point is, we need you in the conversation. I love summits, forums, and conferences, for the reason that meeting people live tends to bring out our best nature – while the digital avatars often bring out the worst.

As a creative, I enjoy the strong attitude of problem-solving, and collaboration of the tech space. Many of our power players are coming together to make London a real force to contend with. Thanks for Alex Phasel and James Bowater for hosting the first London Blockchain Forum combo. It was a pleasure to see the star infused Bad charity piece at another start of a significant effort to unite communities.


The coming CC forum on 14-16th of October is filled with stars from crypto, fin-tech and beyond. Many, for obvious reasons, have beef with Nouriel Roubini, but a contrarian’s voice is necessary to show maturity. The tension will bring energy. Roger Ver is in town, as well as Bobby Lee, Tim Draper, Brock Pierce and more. In the founder Max Studennikoff’s own words, we only want the best of the best. With it, London is putting itself even further on the world map as a force. Cities like London have an advantage as your trip does not have to be limited to the conference. Go see Lion King or something. Live a little.

– CC Charity Aspect –

The tough conversations, forward taking ideas and an attitude of construction underline bringing together AI and blockchain. I’m delighted to learn the coming CC Forum will grant me a booth, a lightning keynote, and a charity auction for the HELLO piece, as it crosses the crypto and AI space. It was the obvious piece to select for the job, as the merger is the point of the forum. If AI ends up destroying us all, at least the theme did some temporary good. The Forbes appearing piece, now valued at 1 BTC, is re-painted 1/3, and ready for action.


Marco Robinson‘s FreedomX charity was just confirmed as the recipient and collaborator on this one. If you are a resident in London, you will have noticed that even within a few years the amount of people on the streets has increased substantially. I recently had a frustrating situation not being able to help someone more than worthy of it. I wish I would have known to contact Marco then, but perhaps we can now help the next one. The little birds also whispered that Change Angel might help us promote this project.

– Military Dreams –

It seems obvious that the significant worry on everyone’s lips is the militarized version of AI. We know there will be no UN solution to stop secret agencies for developing it, so most try not to think about it too much. The intent with which we will birth AI to the world will matter significantly in the beginning, and weaponizing it is the worst way to conceive it. Regardless of all the worries of what Mr. Musk’s Neuralink can do to an autonomous person, being left behind in development is equally bad. I don’t know how I missed this ‘debate’ with Jack Ma, but the “out-of-my-depth” for him was pretty bad in this one. It was counted that Elon rolled his eyes 602 times. 

Many thanks, also, to Jan Softa for hosting me at the London High Tech Festival focusing on AI earlier. The mix of people was eclectic, and the conversation was lively. Jan is a heartfelt facilitator, who cares that we have the critical discussions. At a 20-minute fireside chat with me at the end of the day, he allowed me to get free in my expression, critique as well as the future orientation as an artist. The audience talk wasn’t recorded on video, but some of the themes were captured by Kalai Atiga-Atando in an interview right after.

After the intro, which I’m sure some have heard too many times already, we get to the nitty-gritty about the mission of a lifetime.

Watch it here

– Directed Energy –

Jocko Willink’s extreme ownership idea puts this question to all of us. So how dare we? What dare we? The stories I hear behind the scenes, how entrepreneurs risk everything, labor for years without pay, solve problems and audaciously push things forward amidst the deafening drums of defeat, are the ones I want to hang with. They don’t complain but just get on with it. If those who voice their moans often knew what those who remain silent go through – they might be motivated to take more action too.

We are soon about to discover what AI dares and what will be possible through it. I previously made an art project suggesting the only reason we’ve not moved to renewables, outside the short-sighted self-serving business, is the fear of what it will do to economy as we know it. Energy, on average, makes up 8.2% of the global GDP. The Desertec project showed how it can be done, but the geopolitical and the dated energy transport situation killed it. Germany later showed how it can be done successfully in a decentralized model. If storage is the main problem, we likely are better off focusing on solving that, rather than pushing everything to a halt via a revolution. Perhaps with some futuristic help, even this becomes less an issue.

An American Oasis

Speaking of stars, collaborations, an epic adventures. Remember the feeling you got as a kid when the imperial cruiser first appeared in ‘A New Hope’ and just went on and on and on? This is why coming to town for the #vegasblockchainweek is a good idea.

See you in one or more of these,

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