Experts Predict A 15,000% Surge In This Defi Token As Avalanche (Avax) Price Drops Due To A Nft Volume Decrease

In the fluctuating crypto market, the Avalanche price has observed a setback due to AVAX NFTs sales dipping. DTX Exchange is gaining ground as one of the best presale coins in 2024.

In this article, we shed some light on the ongoing debate on the prospects of the Avalanche price amid the decline of AVAX NFTs and the evidence supporting the massive ROI potential of DTX Exchange.

Avalanche Price Analysis Amid the Bearish AVAX NFTs Market

The recent performance of the Avalanche price has observed a shift into the bearish zone, with AVAX dipping more than 2% in the last 24 hours.

According to CoinMarketCap, the Avalanche price experienced a sharp drop of over 35% as its price retreated from $53 to $35 over the last month. Selling pressures have mounted as trading volumes decreased by over 20% in the past 24 hours, and AVAX is facing strong resistance as it struggles to maintain support at the $35 level.

Technical analysis indicates the bearish sentiment arose from the declining sales of the AVAX NFTs, which have dropped by over 7% in the past week. Based on data from DappRadar, the AVAX NFTs ecosystem has seen a fall in trader activity, with buying down more than 35% and sellers decreasing by over 38%.

Analyst Forecast: 15000% Surge: DTX Exchange Presale Heats Up

DTX Exchange is a rising star in the presale ecosystem, promising an exceptional 25X ROI for early adopters backed by its cutting-edge features. It rose to prominence after its private seed sale generated over $2 million.

Following the success of its private seed round, its presale has drawn overwhelming support, soaring past $475,000 in just one week. As demand rises, stage 1 is poised to sell out ahead of schedule, with many investors jumping for the opportunity to buy the DTX token at $0.04 before it rises to $0.06.

With its hybrid trading capabilities, DTX Exchange is poised to redefine standards for crypto trading. Combining elements of centralized and decentralized exchanges, it provides a seamless interface that ensures users can trade without any KYC (know your customer) requirements.

Its growing popularity among traders is attributed to its distributed liquidity pools, which reduce slippage and provide an efficient trading environment. Users can reap the benefits of DTX Exchanges’ phenomenal 1000X leverage feature to generate high returns with minimal capital requirements.

Additionally, the platform’s community-centric strategy focuses on giving individual ownership to its users by utilizing a non-custodial wallet. This unique feature is designed to significantly reduce the risk of funds being compromised by expected threats.

As excitement builds up, the DTX token is projected to see a massive price spike near its public listing. Backed by a successful presale and cutting-edge features, analysts predict the token is likely to soar past the $3 threshold, making it one of the next best 150X opportunities in 2024.


The recent performance of AVAX NFTs has pushed Avalanche Price into the bearish zone, and experts advise a cautious approach due to the highly volatile nature of NFTs. AVAX could potentially rebound in the coming weeks if it can recover bullish support; however, if that fails, prices could dip even further.

Against this backdrop, DTX Exchange has stolen the spotlight with its impressive presale performance and technological superiority. With analysts projecting a 15000% surge, the DTX token stands out as one of the top investment opportunities in 2024.

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