Platform Name: Cryptology
Parent Company: Cypher Trading Limited
Location: Republic of Seychelles
Offerings: Crypto Exchange, Spot, Futures, OTC trading and Crypto Earn

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Cryptology is one of the few crypto exchange and trading platforms that makes simplicity its top priority. Designed for ease of use, with attractive features, the platform is well-suited for beginner and experienced traders alike. Operated by an entity registered in the Republic of Seychelles, the platform is available to users from most of the geographical regions except Japan and the United States.

In addition to crypto exchange and trading features, Cryptology enables users to generate passive income from the digital assets with its “Cryptology Earn” feature.


The intuitive, user-friendly Cryptology platform is available as web browser and mobile app versions. Users can access the platform on any connected device with browser capabilities or install the relevant app for their Android or iOS powered mobile devices to start trading. The multi-lingual platform is available in 12 different languages including English, Russian, French, Spanish, Korean, Chinese, Japanese, German, Hindi, Portuguese, Polish and Bulgarian to facilitate easy interaction for customers from different geographies.


Opening an account on Cryptology is a simple process. Users will have to register by providing their email address, country of residence and set the desired password for the account followed by a KYC process. The platform implements two verification levels, with the first level requiring users to fulfil basic KYC requirements which includes submission of personal details like first and last name, proof of identity and a photo of the user with the identity document for verification. By fulfilling the KYC requirements , users will be able to trade up to $10000 on their accounts. Those who wish to extend the limits will have to complete the second level verification which includes submitting proof of residence document complete with name, address and the issuer. The residential address proof has to be a utility bill, bank statement and/or a government issued document.

With all these processes out of the way, users can start accessing all the features offered by Cryptology.

Cryptology Features

Buy Crypto

Users can easily buy or sell crypto against USD, EUR or RUB on Cryptology. The platform currently supports BTC, ETH, LTC, USDT, XLM, XRP and ZEC, with more to be added soon. Further, they can also convert BTC to USDT and USDT to BTC with the click of a button.

Cryptology Exchange

The Cryptology exchange offers a diverse range of crypto trading pairs on a customizable trading interface. The interface comes complete with market charts and analytical tools. User can trade leading cryptocurrencies against fiat and stablecoins by placing limit, stop-limit and market orders.

The supported trading pairs include –  BTC, ETH, XRP, DYDX, XLM, BCH, LTC, ZEC, USDT, DAI, USDC, TRX, BAT, KVI, PSC, 1INCH, EURS, EUR, USD, RUB and more.

Crypto Futures

Users can place perpetual trades on Cryptology Futures Market with a leverage of up to 100X. On futures trading, users can opt for both cross-margin and isolated margin positions. All trades on the futures trading platform are protected by risk mitigation systems to minimize the risk of default amid high volatility situations. Cryptology has set a dedicated insurance fund in place along with auto-deleveraging systems to protect the interests of all stakeholders.

Cryptology Earn

A unique, flagship feature of the platform, Cryptology Earn enables users to create a passive income stream while hodling their crypto assets. Users can deposit their BTC, USDT, USDC, DAI and EURS holdings and earn up to 15% annual returns, which is higher than the interest offered by any bank in the world. Cryptology Earn offers flexibility in terms of the lock-in periods for users. One can choose to lock their deposits for 30, 60 or 90 days, and cash out following its expiry. During the entire period, the profits will be updated in the accounts on a daily basis.

Low Barrier to Entry and Attractive Fees

Cryptology is a platform designed for everyone. Once a user joins the platform, they can start using all the available trading features, irrespective of their past trading experience. In order to facilitate participation, Cryptology maintains a very low minimum order size of $0.10 or equivalent which makes it easier for new traders to place low-risk trades without hesitation.

Further, Cryptology is among the platforms that charge low trading fees and commissions, which is another aspect that works in the users’ favor. The platform currently charges a maker and taker fee of 0.002. There is no rollover or overnight fees on open futures orders. However, users incur a nominal deposit and withdrawal fees for fiat and crypto transfers to and from the platform.

Deposit and Withdrawals

To start trading on any platform, users have to fund their account. On Cryptology, users can choose to do that with either fiat or cryptocurrencies. The deposit options available on the platform includes leading Visa and MasterCard powered debit and credit cards, Boleto, Loterica, Deposit Express, EUR SEPA, Wire transfer and a host of cryptocurrencies including ERC20, TRC20 and Omni standard USDT crypto tokens.

Similarly, users can withdraw funds from the account in all supported cryptocurrencies except BCH, or through wire transfer.

Support and Security

Cryptology has a good customer support infrastructure which enables them to address user queries in as less as 10 minutes. Irrespective of the region and time, users can expect their issues to be resolved in under 24 hours.

Users can choose to contact the customer support team over email at or create a ticket by clicking on the support icon on top of the screen. In addition to contacting the customer support, users can also navigate through the comprehensive FAQs section to get most of their queries addressed.

When it comes to security, Cryptology implements all the industry standard cybersecurity measures including SSL on the platform level and 2FA for account access.


Cryptology strikes a balance between functionality and convenience by packing all the necessary features into a platform with simple, easy-to-use interface. By enabling low minimum orders at $0.10, supporting multiple payment options and a passive income generating Cryptology Earn feature, the platform not only caters to the existing crypto community, but also attracts first-time crypto users.


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