$2.2 Billion Options Threaten To Crash BTC Price, Ripple’s XRP Sets Eyes On $0.8875

As $2.2 billion crypto futures options for May 2024 are set to expire on June 7, analysts think Bitcoin (BTC) will withstand selling pressure due to inflows from the United States Spot Bitcoin ETFs. There are also optimistic sentiments for Ripples (XRP) as it eyes $0.8875 and for ETFSwap (ETFS) as it fires into the second presale stage unperturbed by recent happenings.

ETFSwap (ETFS) Maintains Strong Momentum As It Raises $100,000 In Its First Day of the Second Presale Stage

While the market seems to be facing a slight downtrend as $2.2 billion crypto futures options expire, investors remain bullish on EFTSwap (ETFS). ETFSwap (ETFS) completed its first phase of presale, selling over 200 million tokens, raising over $1.3 million, and it shows no sign of stopping soon as Investors have bought over 10 million tokens in the first day of the second round of presale.

Analysts believe the unique offerings of the ETFSwap (ETFS) as a platform to trade exchange-traded funds (ETFs), coupled with the recent approval of Spot Ethereum ETFs have contributed to its steady market growth.

Some of the top offerings of the platform include:

Unique ETF Trading System

ETFSwap is a platform to trade tokenized ETFs. Using the ETFSwap (ETFS) platform, traders can swap crypto to trade ETFs in sectors such as health, transportation, technology, and oil & gas at affordable prices.

The platform has perpetual trading options that allow traders to position themselves in the market and get up to 50x leverage. Apart from the swap option that allows secure asset swapping across many markets, investors can enjoy profit by staking ETFSwap (EFTS) tokens.

Security, Privacy, And Access

ETFSwap has been certified safe by CyberScope, an industry-leading security company, aside from that it has a KYC requirements-free system that allows users to get started in minutes. In terms of access, users can trade 24/7 without limitations with no extra management fees, unlike traditional ETF platforms.

Tokenomics Benefits

The incentive of holding the ETFS token is pulling retail and institutional investments across borders due to its utility within the platform and the earning opportunities it presents. First, traders who hold ETFSwap (ETFS) tokens enjoy trading discounts since ETFS functions as the primary currency within the ETFSwap ecosystem.

Holders also enjoy up to 36% of the staking pool linked to the token’s liquidity, airdrops, access to the latest investment information, and tools like ETF Tracker that help to track asset performance in a bid to make informed investment decisions.

Bitcoin (BTC) To Stay Afloat Despite Possible Price Crash

The $70,000 psychological mark of Bitcoin may take a slight dip on June 7 as $1.22 billion of Bitcoin futures options will expire with a put-to-call ratio of 0.66. However, as of the time of writing, Bitcoin (BTC) is still selling at $71,288, reflecting a 0.4% 24-hour profit as of June 7, 1 pm UTC.

According to analysts, Bitcoin (BTC) may likely not suffer a substantial decline as the United States Spot Bitcoin ETFs have seen a good inflow strong enough to help Bitcoin (BTC) soften possible effects.

Analyst Forecast Ripple (XRP) To Retest Its All-time High Of $0.8875

There have been several reports in the past few months signaling the growth of Ripple (XRP) — some even forecasting a $10 price mark immediately after it retests $0.8875, its highest level ever. While currently trading at $0.5254, Ripple (XRP) has made major strategic moves. Ripple (XRP) recently updated its ledger with an Automated Market Maker to match up with other Layer-1 blockchain systems.

Ripple (XRP) escrow lockup and whale actions such as the recent 262 million XRP purchase are why analysts believe the retests and setting of a new high are long overdue and should be expected any time soon.


As Ripple (XRP)  keeps putting in effort to improve its offerings to hit a new high, Bitcoin (BTC) will also likely benefit from Spot Bitcoin ETF investments to prevent possible decline. On the other hand, ETFSwap is combining excellent offerings and the effect of Spot Ethereum ETF approval (best of both worlds) to keep its strong uptrend movement. Get in early into the second stage of presale selling at $0.01831, as it may also sell out in no time.

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