2nd Road Show: StartupToken is meeting again Asia

StartupToken is back for the second Asia Road Show. An important December for our community and for us. We are again on our way to engage with our Asian network in crypto investment. Thanks to this tour, startups have the opportunity to meet their possible future token buyers. This is the ideal means of startup and investor to connect. Each startup will be able to receive a constructive feedback and adjust their token model. Project founders can also redefine some ideas, get a crowd sentiment, bring more transparency in what regards the importance of their ideas and gain more trust in the community which is essential to investors.

Panel discussions include evolvement of Blockchain and ICOs, the basics of the startup investments, and about the future of this disruptive technology and step more into StartupToken as an Accelerator. It will be a whirlwind week beginning the 18th of December in Singapore, the 19th in Hong Kong, Tokyo – December 20-21st and ending on the 22nd in Seoul, South Korea. These will be four intense days of sharing some amazing blockchain startup projects and engagement with the Asia crypto community.

Startups attending this round will be Sandblock, Academy School of Blockchain, Coinfirm and Zilla. Each will present their protocols and projects on topics ranging from Blockchain education to consumer rewards via token sales. Discussions will also include how crowd sales have overtaken venture capital as the main financial driver of innovation for Blockchain projects. It is mandatory to bring up the business innovation into token sales and ICO. As for each traditional company is important to network and inform its community before an IPO.

Talks will center around future development, about applicability, and transparency, while today’s “virtual business” still fails in customer engagement and loyalty programs, and there is a big need to change the world of Blockchain by bringing up creativity and simplicity for the use of platforms and cryptocurrencies, bring safety and trust, speak about possible risks and gaining in a world of digitalized business and crypto currencies.

The Asian Road Show is one of our steps and inputs in a better technological, Blockchain future, in a trustable ICO, and transparent relationship between the investors and their potential projects to invest in. Into young ideas and creative approach for a requiring technology.

Pitching startups:

-Sandblock The Satisfaction Protocol

Sandblock is creating the first worldwide open coalition of merchants and customers using the advantages of cryptocurrencies and the underlying blockchain technology. Merchants offer more and more programs to gain customer loyalty yet, often returns are not met and consumer engagement is not ensured. On the flip side, consumers find these programs confusing and complicated to cash in on. The Sandblock project aims to solve these issues by leveraging blockchain technologies and creating the Satisfaction protocol, protocol based on the Ethereum blockchain where merchants create their own tokens and customers can enjoy exchangeable, autonomous rewards for their engagement and loyalty.”

Sarah-Diane Eck is an engineer at Sandblock and leads the marketing and business development of the project, she has been involved in the blockchain and startup community for several years and helped multiple successful startups to launch and develop their projects. She previously worked in investment banking, foundation creation and digital marketing. She is also specialized on legal matters regarding user data protection and the upcoming GDPR, foundations & charities, and the constantly evolving crypto assets regulations.

– Academy School of Blockchain

At Academy, you’ll learn to code Blockchain infrastructure at an online university. Choose to learn through an online curriculum or at an intensive boot camp in a city near you. Academy is a SACS accredited and SCORM compliant school, designed to deliver a dynamic and real-world online learning experience. There are a plethora of new online universities promising to teach around blockchain but with Academy, you can be sure that you are learning from some of the biggest leaders and well connected giants in the industry.

Dr. Moe Levin is the CEO of Keynote, an investor in high-tech startups, and an advisor to governments, regulators, banks, and venture-backed companies. Some of the projects he has been involved with include The Global Blockchain Council in Dubai (2015 — present) , the harmonized VAT treatment of Bitcoin (2013), The OECD Working Party 9 (2013–2014). Moe is also the Co-Founder of the first accredited Blockchain Academy, an early investor in RSK Labs, Labfresh, Dropbox, and others.

-Coinfirm the anti money laundering protocol

Coinfirm has been delivering an array of blockchain solutions and services for Fortune 500 companies, blockchain players, financial institutions and governments. Coinfirm provides business intelligence data on entities active on blockchain markets. They’ve investigated major exchange hacks, misappropriation of assets, and extortions related to blockchain transactions and have a team and tech to help solve such issues.

Maciej Ziolkowski, Director of AMLT and Co-founder of Coinfirm

Co-author of 3 books about Blockchain. An international pioneering virtual currency adopter, involved in the Bitcoin and Blockchain space since the early stages; a recognized writer and speaker on the subject and co-founder of the first Bitcoin establishment of its kind in Europe.

-Zilla the Amazon marketplace for ICOs

ZILLA has created an ICO purchasing platform. ZILLA will act as a gateway for Crypto enthusiasts to easily and safely participate in various vetted ICOs, while also allowing companies to do an ICO more effectively. ICO crowdsales are becoming more commonplace. With more than 1500 ongoing ICOs and counting, it is becoming overwhelming for buyers to keep track, compare, and verify various ICOs.

Abasa Phillips is also the founder of PRIMO, Pegapay, and PaySafe Japan Country Manager. Abasa is a payment industry and cryptocurrency veteran that has been involved in bitcoin since2011. He speaks English, Japanese, and Chinese and is highly skilled at working with regulators to strategically overcome regulatory pitfalls.

-Dether the over the counter, Ether marketplace

Dether offers the unique opportunity to have access to ether within minutes by using your phone and spending cash. Discover ether tellers, called tellers, near you on the Dether map, chat with them anonymously and buy ether safely, using your national currency. With Dether, any ether owner can become a teller and have an accessible way to make money. Ether sellers can become mobile ATMs by being on the Dether map and selling ether for fiat currency anywhere in the world at any time.

Hamid Benyahia has been involved in the Ethereum community since 2015, he has developed blockchain-based proof-of-concepts for top CAC40 companies and contributed to iExec blockchain startup as contractor. He has previously worked on blockchain-based international remittance solutions and advised blockchain startups, before founding Dether.


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