3 Tips about Making Profits in Bitcoin Futures Trading


Trading Bitcoin futures might be the most popular way for investors to seek big returns from the huge market fluctuations, bearish markets in particular. As we know, BTC futures trading allows us to benefit from uptrend and downtrend by longing or shorting. And the most attractive feature is the high leverage, which can amplify the profits on slight price moves. However, BTC futures trading is also a risky product that investors are prone to face unlimited loss if they make wrong predictions on the market trend.

So, how can we increase the win rate and magnify profits? Here are 3 tips!

Tip 1 Choose Cross Margin Trading

Cross margin utilizes the entire amount deposited as collateral for every trade, moving balances to whatever one requires the most. This is the best strategy for almost every trader no matter how experienced one is. With cross margin trading, your positions will not so easy to be liquidated even during huge market volatility.

Tip 2 Start Initial Trade with Small Capitals

Start small and control your margin rate. For example, if you have 10 BTC in your account, it’s not suggested that you invest all in a single position. Instead, you can put 1 BTC to open a trade at first. If the market goes against your prediction, you can add more funds to the opened position, or allocate a position in the opposite direction to hedge the loss.

Tip 3 Trade on Support & Resistance

Support is the place that Bitcoin price may not break below, while Resistance is the highest price that Bitcoin may not surge above in a period. To put it simply, when Bitcoin price is close to the support at an uptrend, you can put a LONG order. If it is near the resistance in the downtrend, you can choose SHORT.

Now, you can try to apply the 3 tips in Bitcoin futures trading and make profits! BTC perpetual futures contracts with 100x leverage is a product that most investors, beginners or veterans are fond of.

There are many exchanges that provide Bitcoin futures trading out there in the market. Bexplus is one of the most reliable and professional, offering 100x leveraged BTC, ETH, LTC  XRP and EOS perpetual contracts. By using leverage, cryptocurrency traders can increase their exposure to price movements and turn what would otherwise be small gains when spot trading into extraordinary profits.


For example, $9300 seems to be a support level, and $9,900 a resistance in Bitcoin market.

  • If longing BTC with 1 BTC at $9,300, when it climbs back to $9,900, you will also earn 1 BTC * ($9,900-$9,300)/$9,900*100% = 6.06 BTC.
  • If you invest 1 BTC in the BTC futures trading shorting BTC at $9,900, when BTC drops to $9,300, you will earn 1 BTC * ($9,900-$9,300)/$9,300 *100% = 6.45 BTC.

Note: You can set stop-profit and stop-loss to guarantee the profits you got and lower the risks.

In Bexplus, you can enjoy,

Fast registration with NO KYC

All traders in the cryptocurrency market including investors in the United States, United Kingdom and Canada can register an account and trade in the platform. Only with email, you can sign up an account in your 30s with NO KYC required.

No Deposit Fee & 24/7 Withdrawal

Bexplus doesn’t charge any deposit fee, you only need to pay for the miners who confirm the transaction. You can submit the withdrawal request anytime you want, and it will be processed and credited in your wallet in 30 minutes during work hours.

Useful Risks Management Tools

Bexplus provides a P/L calculator which helps you to evaluate the potential profits before you enter the real trade. Besides, you are allowed to set Stop Loss/Take Profit to lower the risks and guarantee the profits in the opened positions.

Trading Simulator with 10 Free BTC

If you are new to the BTC futures market, you can familiar yourself with the perpetual futures contracts by trading with the 10 free BTC in simulated mode.

Trade on Android & iOS

Bexplus creates a mobile trading experience that is smooth, simple, and professional as it is on the webpage. The official mobile apps can be downloaded from Google Play and App Store.


Interest-bearing Wallet

Bexplus launches BTC Wallet especially for users who have not much experience in futures trading and want to earn money without risk. BTC wallet is an offline storage system encrypted with multi-signatured technology. All BTC stored in the wallet will be highly secured and protected. Deposit BTC in the wallet, you can enjoy up to 30% annualized interests.

  • Latest Activities in Bexplus Exchange

100% Deposit Bonus – Up to 10 BTC Giveaway

The deposit activity is available on Bexplus. When you finish your deposit, you can contact the support or investment consultant for 100% free BTC bonus. For example, if you deposited 2 BTC, you will get 4 BTC in total credited in your account. In this way, you can enlarge the margin and get more chances to make greater profits, which is withdrawal as well.


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