36% Jump in Dogecoin (DOGE) Volume: Will InQubeta (QUBE) Follow Suit?

The crypto market is known for its volatility, and Dogecoin’s journey is a testament to this unpredictability. Despite a recent dip in its price, Dogecoin has demonstrated resilience with a surprising 36% surge in trading volume in just a day. This development has led market enthusiasts to question: will new entrants like InQubeta follow suit?

Dogecoin’s Surprising Resilience

Dogecoin, which began as a meme-inspired joke, has transformed into one of the most recognized crypto assets. The recent price slump was worrying for many Dogecoin supporters, but the sudden spike in trading volume suggests there’s still strong interest in the Shiba Inu-themed coin.

Data from CoinMarketCap indicates that DOGE’s trading volume swelled from Wednesday to Thursday, amassing a staggering $417 million. This significant recovery is particularly notable as it contrasts the broader market’s trend, which is currently witnessing a reduction in volume.

Many credit this renewed interest to the ever-fervent Dogecoin community and the high-profile endorsements it has received over the years, particularly from influential figures like Elon Musk. With such solid backing, Dogecoin’s capacity to bounce back should come as no surprise.

InQubeta (QUBE) – Setting Its Own Trend?

Now, let’s pivot to InQubeta, the innovative crowdfunding platform designed to reshape the way investors interact with AI startups. Given the traction that Dogecoin has gained in such a short time, can InQubeta replicate such a feat?

Firstly, it’s essential to understand that InQubeta and Dogecoin cater to different markets and have unique value propositions. InQubeta, with its revolutionary platform, is opening doors for many who previously found the startup investment world inaccessible. Its reward and equity-based NFTs, combined with the fractional investment approach via the QUBE token, are unlike anything currently in the market.

Having already secured more than $2.1 million in its presale, InQubeta demonstrates significant potential. The platform’s upcoming NFT marketplace and the initiation of the InQubeta DAO underscore the ambitious roadmap set out for the crypto token.

However, while Dogecoin’s volume surge is impressive, InQubeta’s success will be driven by its utility and the tangible solutions it offers, rather than just trading volume or price surges.

Can There Be Synergy?

The real question might be whether InQubeta can capitalize on the renewed bullish sentiment penetrating the market, courtesy of Dogecoin’s recent surge. An optimistic atmosphere in the cryptocurrency sector can be contagious, and tokens with real utility and a clear roadmap often benefit the most during such times.

InQubeta might not need to ‘follow suit’ in the same trajectory as Dogecoin. Instead, it can carve out its own success story by focusing on its unique offerings and ensuring that its value proposition remains clear to potential investors.


While the sudden jump in Dogecoin’s trading volume showcases the unpredictable nature of the crypto market, it also serves as a beacon of hope for other tokens. For InQubeta, its success will likely hinge on the delivery of its promised features and the tangible solutions it brings to the world of AI startup investments.

However, the overall optimistic sentiment in the market is a positive sign for all cryptocurrencies, including InQubeta. As more people venture into the world of digital assets, platforms that offer unique solutions and clear benefits will undoubtedly find themselves in a position to thrive. Whether or not InQubeta sees a surge similar to Dogecoin remains to be seen, but its future certainly looks promising.

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