5 Best New Cryptocurrencies March 2023

As the cryptocurrency world continues to evolve and expand, new cryptocurrencies emerge yearly, bringing unique features and potential investment opportunities. 2023 is shaping up to be an exciting year for the crypto space, with several promising new cryptocurrencies on the horizon. In this article, we’ll look at the top five new cryptocurrencies set to make a splash in 2023.

Investors need to watch these projects:

  • DigiToads (TOADS)
  • Meta Masters Guild (MEMAG)
  • FightOut (FGHT)
  • Robot Era (TARO)
  • EstateX (ESX)

DigiToads (TOADS)

Investors seeking a high-growth, high-potential investment opportunity should participate in the DigiToads presale. DigiToads is a unique utility meme coin that aims to impact our lives in many ways positively. It is positioned to become one of the most prominent meme tokens alongside Dogecoin, Shiba Inu, and Dogelon Mars and one of the biggest P2E tokens alongside The Sandbox, Axie Infinity, Decentraland, and GALA.

DigiToads offers a range of benefits to its holders, including the chance to earn residual income through NFT staking, P2E gaming, and by holding TOADS tokens. It also includes a new web3 game that allows players to collect, nurture, and battle unique DigiToads, with the top performers receiving rewards from the prize pool.

DigiToads is a P2E gaming aspect. You can acquire DigiToads by buying, trading, or winning them. Each DigiToad has its characteristics, strengths, and weaknesses. Players can use TOADS tokens to purchase food, potions, and training equipment for their DigiToads.

At the end of every DigiToads season, the top 25% of players on the leaderboard will receive TOADS tokens as a reward, and 50% of the funds raised from the sale of items in the game will be allocated to the prize fund and distributed among the top 25% of players. This allows players to earn real money while playing the game, making it a highly attractive investment opportunity.

Another unique feature of DigiToads is its commitment to the environment. The project has pledged to support the environment by donating 2.5% of its profits to charities committed to replanting trees and preserving the rainforest. This feature is highly attractive for investors looking for socially responsible investment opportunities.

In addition to P2E gaming and its commitment to the environment, DigiToads also offers NFT staking and trading competitions. The NFT staking platform is funded by 2% of every TOADS transaction, ensuring DigiToads can continuously reward its community members. The longer an NFT is staked, the more the holder will earn in rewards.

Trading competitions take place on-chain, with prizes of a Platinum Toad each month. There are 12 Platinum Toads up for grabs over the course of a year, and the owner of each Platinum Toad receives remote access to 1/12 of the TOADS treasury to be traded. This ensures that the best community traders within the ecosystem are in charge of the treasury, ensuring the community is always in control. Those who trade the treasury with a Platinum Toad receive 10% of all trading profits they make for the treasury as an incentive to increase the treasury size.

In conclusion, investors should participate in the DigiToads presale because it is a high-growth, high-potential investment opportunity with many benefits, including P2E gaming, NFT staking, and trading competitions. It is also socially responsible and committed to supporting the environment through its charitable donations. Investors who participate in the presale can earn residual income and real money through the prize pool, making it an exciting and attractive investment opportunity.

For More Information on DigiToads check out the whitepaper and join the Telegram group

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Meta Masters Guild

Meta Masters Guild (MEMAG) is a blockchain Web3 gaming ecosystem on Ethereum dedicated to developing high-quality mobile games with playable NFTs. The developers working on this project aim to make games compatible with the Web 3 infrastructure, which prioritizes mobile play. Operating as a guild enables MEMAG to work with leading blockchain developers on multiple games, all utilizing the MEMAG token. This unique ecosystem allows players to earn rewards, stake, and trade and be part of a community that has the potential to change the gaming industry.

One of the standout features of MEMAG is the ability for players to earn rewards in exchange for their contribution to the ecosystem. All games on the MEMAG platform use a single currency, the MEMAG token, which can be converted to in-game rewards called Gems. Players can cash out their Gems or reinvest them in the ecosystem in numerous ways. This “play-to-earn” model has become increasingly popular in the gaming industry, and MEMAG is quickly becoming one of the biggest-hyped gaming guilds pushing the boundaries of the Play-to-Earn space.

The MEMAG guild is focused on mobile gaming, which is becoming increasingly popular. As of 2022, mobile gaming accounts for more than half of the global gaming market, and this trend is expected to continue. By prioritizing mobile play, MEMAG is positioning itself to capture a significant share of this growing market.

In summary, MEMAG is a blockchain Web3 gaming ecosystem dedicated to developing high-quality mobile games with playable NFTs. The MEMAG token provides players with the opportunity to earn rewards, stake, and trade and be part of a community that has the potential to change the gaming industry. Using NFTs in MEMAG games provides players with verifiable ownership of their in-game assets, which can be traded or sold on the MEMAG marketplace. The MEMAG guild is focused on mobile gaming, which is becoming increasingly popular, positioning the project to capture a significant share of this growing market.

FightOut (FGHT)

FightOut (FGHT) is a play-to-earn game and fitness app that gamifies the fitness lifestyle. Users are rewarded for completing workouts, and challenges, earning badges, and growing the community. FGHT has been described as the fastest-growing play-to-earn game of 2023, where players can compete and earn rewards in the FightOut gaming ecosystem.

FightOut has partnered with Certik, a leading blockchain security company, to ensure the safety and security of its platform. The company has also received support from notable investors, including Draper Goren Holm Ventures and Synthetix co-founder Kain Warwick.

In conclusion, FightOut is a move-to-earn fitness app and gaming platform that aims to revolutionize the fitness industry by providing users with a unique and interactive experience. With its innovative use of blockchain technology and NFTs, FightOut seeks to create a decentralized platform where users can interact and earn rewards for their physical activities. The project has received support from notable investors and has partnered with Certik to ensure the security of its platform. With its current success and growing popularity, FightOut may soon become a leading player in the play-to-earn gaming industry.

Robot Era (TARO)

Robot Era is a metaverse-building project that allows users to manage their land and create a world of their own. The platform offers an opportunity for individuals to become a robot and participate in creating a sandbox-like planet-rebuilding metaverse. The project aims to create a community-driven ecosystem where users can acquire resources from the land and generate robot companions.

Robot Era is a project that leverages artificial intelligence and machine learning to enable robots to learn complex tasks. Initially, the robots are programmed with a knowledge base that helps them interact with different objects and navigate through the limitations of their environment. Once the robot knows how to interact physically with things, it can learn more complex tasks.

In summary, Robot Era is a metaverse-building project allowing users to create their own world and manage their land. The project leverages artificial intelligence and machine learning to enable robots to learn complex tasks. The term “robot” was first used in a fictional play in the 1920s, and over the years, many people have invented objects considered as robots. The Guardian newspaper recently published a 500-word article written entirely by an artificial intelligence robot named GPT-3, indicating the growing capabilities of artificial intelligence in writing and other fields.

EstateX (ESX)

EstateX (ESX) is a company dedicated to transforming people’s attitudes and perspectives toward finance by educating them on the importance of creating passive income through investing in assets that generate revenue without working extra hours. This company provides a platform for investors to invest in real estate and other lucrative assets with low risks and high returns.

ESX aims to provide financial education to people who need to be better versed in finance and investing. The company believes everyone should have access to the tools and knowledge to grow their wealth, not just the privileged few. They offer a user-friendly platform that makes investing in assets more accessible and easy to understand. Their mission is to empower individuals and communities to take control of their financial futures through investment education.

The company’s philosophy is centered around passive income, which is income generated without actively working for it. ESX encourages its investors to invest in assets that provide regular passive income streams, such as real estate, stocks, and bonds. This type of investing is seen as a way to achieve financial freedom and independence.

ESX’s platform is designed to help investors find and evaluate investment opportunities. It offers a range of investment options, including real estate, stocks, bonds, and other assets. Investors can browse various investment opportunities on the platform and select the ones that align with their investment goals and risk tolerance.

In conclusion, EstateX (ESX) is a company that is committed to transforming people’s attitudes and perspectives toward finance. The company’s focus on providing financial education to individuals and communities is admirable, as it aims to empower people to take control of their financial future. With its user-friendly platform and various investment options, ESX allows investors to create passive income streams and achieve financial freedom.

The Best New Crypto?

DigiToads exists in a league of its own.

DigiToads is an excellent investment opportunity for investors seeking high growth and massive returns. It is a unique utility meme coin that introduces a revolutionary NFT staking mechanic and provides investors with multiple sources of residual income. When the market prices in this value mechanism, TOADS will start tearing through the rankings.

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