5 Reasons Hedge Funds Could Start Buying Tradecurve (TCRV) Instead of Ethereum (ETH)

Investing in cryptocurrencies can be lucrative, but not every project succeeds. It must possess long-term growth potential, solid fundamentals, and a great foundation. One project appears to offer just that – Tradecurve (TCRV).

This innovative platform, currently in Stage 2 of its presale, may fundamentally alter the entire online trading industry, and investors have become enamored by it. Some experts believe it may have a higher growth ceiling than Ethereum (ETH), one of the most well-known cryptocurrencies. Let’s find out why.

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Accessible to anyone

Access to a wide range of asset classes is a significant barrier for traders today, which limits their capacity to diversify their portfolios and take advantage of trading possibilities. Tradecurve will introduce a one-of-a-kind borderless trading platform where users from every corner of the world may trade all derivatives via cryptocurrency payments on a single account. This accessibility will open the doors for many individuals to enter the rising online trading industry.


Many traders have to go through various KYC checks that may hinder their ability to start trading on a particular platform since they can be lengthy. As a platform, Tradecurve will differentiate itself from its rivals, such as Kraken or Robinhood, by permitting account creation with no KYC checks.

This, in turn, will result in complete anonymity while trading, something that traditional trading platforms seem to avoid. All that is needed to start trading on Tradecurve is to create an account using an email, link it to a crypto wallet, and make a deposit.


As part of its ecosystem, Tradecurve will introduce a metaverse trading academy where users may connect with trading professionals and obtain trading advice. Not only that, but social trading will also be a part of Tradecurve as users can copy trade from other veteran traders and profit off of their choices for a subscription fee. Tradecurve will also offer access to many artificial intelligence trading systems to help users enhance their investment portfolios.

Low fees

The lack of price constancy and the imposition of high trading costs are persistent problems in the trading sector, especially in the cryptocurrency market. This makes it difficult for investors to make deals at the best pricing, eventually lowering their profits. On Tradecurve, all pricing across assets will be standardized, meaning no unreasonable or excessive fees. Thanks to blockchain technology, all fees can be checked on-chain, making the Tradecurve pricing model transparent and equal.

High growth potential

Tradecurve will employ its utility token, TCRV, as the utility token of this platform and all its features. This token will give users access to passive income via staking, trading fee discounts, and exclusive account rewards.

Currently, TCRV is in Stage 2 of its presale and has a value of just $0.012. If we compare it to the Huobi Token (HT) ICO, which began in 2018 but has since exploded to $39.81 ATH, we may see that the Tradecurve presale could replicate this movement or even surpass it in a much faster time as demand for TCRV is high.

With some analysts predicting a 50x increase for TCRV as the presale advances and a 100x one when it gets listed on Uniswap after its launch, it would be an excellent opportunity to purchase this potential blue-chip crypto for a low price.

For more information about the Tradecurve presale see links below:

Website: https://tradecurve.io/

Buy presale: https://app.tradecurve.io/sign-up

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Tradecurveapp

Telegram: https://t.me/tradecurve_official

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