7 Bullish Coins To Check Out In 2023

As the cryptocurrency market shifts towards a more bullish trajectory in 2023, investors are keen to discover the digital assets with the most promising potential. From well-established projects to innovative newcomers, the landscape is teeming with opportunities for those who know where to look.

This article will explore seven top crypto coins showing bullish patterns: DigiToads, Filecoin, Quant, Algorand, Aave, Helium, and Kusama.

1. DigiToads (TOADS)

DigiToads has made a name for itself as a multifaceted DeFi project, seamlessly integrating the thrill of a meme coin with the engaging experience of a play-to-earn game. This makes it a prime choice for newcomers to the world of cryptocurrency. Users can generate passive income by participating in various activities, such as token acquisition, trading, staking digital assets, engaging in Web 3.0 games and entering giveaways.

The DigiToads platform will truly come to life with its enthralling Web 3.0 game set in a virtual swamp inhabited by digital amphibians known as DigiToads, embodied as the coolest NFTs. These charming creatures possess unique abilities that enhance a player’s in-game performance. Investing in training gear, nourishment, and elixirs for their DigiToads is an option for those seeking an added edge.

This exciting ERC20 token has successfully advanced to its fourth presale phase, ‘Lilypad 4,’ with a remarkable 76% of tokens already sold. The first three stages concluded with a total sell-out, raising the price from $0.01 to $0.02. Early adopters have experienced a 100% increase in the presale price, ensuring a profitable position. As six more stages and corresponding price increases are expected, investors joining at any point can anticipate significant returns once the coin goes live.

What’s more exciting about this new ICO is its dedication to sustainable development and environmental projects. The initiative distinguishes itself as a socially conscious cryptocurrency by donating 2.5% of all proceeds to organizations that assist in tree planting and restoring habitats for Amazonian wildlife.

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2. Filecoin (FIL)

Another good crypto to buy now is Filecoin, an innovative decentralized storage network, which has been making waves in the world of cryptocurrency with its unique approach to addressing the issue of data storage. The platform aims to create a more efficient and secure alternative to traditional cloud storage by leveraging the power of blockchain technology. Filecoin allows users to rent out unused storage space on the network in exchange for the platform’s native token, FIL. This ingenious system enables a robust, secure, and cost-effective data storage solution while rewarding participants for contributing to the network’s growth.

One of Filecoin’s standout features is its sophisticated market-driven pricing mechanism that adjusts storage costs based on supply and demand. This ensures that users always receive fair and competitive rates for their storage needs. Additionally, the platform’s built-in redundancy features guarantee high data integrity and reliability levels, making it an appealing choice for individuals and businesses alike.

Filecoin’s consensus mechanism, known as Proof-of-Replication (PoRep), ensures that data is securely stored across multiple nodes, providing an added layer of security. Furthermore, its strong developer community and partnerships with well-established projects in the blockchain space have contributed to the platform’s credibility and long-term growth potential.

Currently, Filecoin’s token (FIL) is trading at $6.16. Although the price experienced significant fluctuations this week, a broader perspective reveals that Filecoin is indeed on a bullish trajectory.

3. Quant (QNT)

Quant, a cutting-edge blockchain project, is transforming how multiple distributed ledger technologies (DLTs) interact and operate, ultimately fostering seamless interoperability. The platform’s groundbreaking Overledger technology is the cornerstone of its ecosystem, providing a unique solution to bridging the gap between various blockchain networks. Quant is well-positioned to drive the widespread adoption of DLTs across multiple industries by enabling seamless communication and data exchange across different blockchains.

One of Quant’s distinguishing features is its ability to facilitate cross-chain transactions and multi-chain applications, referred to as Multi-Chain Applications (MApps). This innovative approach enables developers to create MApps that can interact with multiple blockchain networks simultaneously, opening the door to many new use cases and possibilities.

In recent days, Quant experienced a period of volatility, with its price dropping by 10% to fall below $114. However, it has since rebounded and currently stands at $120. Despite the short-term fluctuations, Quant’s overall positive sentiment and strong fundamentals indicate that it is embarking on a bullish journey. So, if you wonder how to get into cryptocurrency, QNT can also be a good starter.

4. Algorand (ALGO)

Algorand is a groundbreaking blockchain project aiming to provide a scalable, secure, decentralized platform for developing next-generation applications and digital currencies. The platform’s unique Pure Proof of Stake (PPoS) consensus algorithm ensures high security, decentralization, and energy efficiency, making it an ideal choice for businesses and developers seeking to build robust, high-performance applications.

One of the most notable features of Algorand is its ability to support high transaction throughput without compromising security or decentralization. The platform’s innovative architecture allows it to process thousands of transactions per second while maintaining a minimal transaction confirmation time. It is well-suited for applications that require real-time, secure data transfer.

In addition to its technical prowess, Algorand is committed to fostering a vibrant and inclusive ecosystem. The platform offers developers, businesses, and researchers comprehensive support, providing them with the tools, resources, and knowledge to build and deploy applications on the Algorand network.

Recently, the price of ALGO experienced some downside patterns, with the token’s value hovering around $0.23. This downward trend was likely triggered by a quick pump and dump, as investors who had seen their investments rise began to sell. However, this appears to be a temporary setback, and the situation is gradually returning to normal.

5. Aave (AAVE)

Aave is a pioneering DeFi crypto coin that enables users to lend, borrow, and earn interest on a wide range of cryptocurrencies in a secure, permissionless environment. Built on the Ethereum blockchain, Aave leverages smart contracts to create a non-custodial, transparent, and automated lending market, making it an attractive option for both lenders and borrowers seeking a seamless DeFi experience.

One of Aave’s standout features is its innovative flash loan functionality, which allows users to borrow funds without collateral for a very short duration, typically within a single transaction. This groundbreaking feature enables developers to create novel use cases, such as arbitrage opportunities, refinancing loans, and executing complex financial transactions.

Aave’s governance token, AAVE, plays a crucial role in the platform’s ecosystem, as it empowers token holders with the ability to participate in decision-making processes and propose improvements to the protocol. By fostering a decentralized and community-driven environment, Aave ensures its platform remains innovative, adaptive, and user-centric.

The past week has been somewhat volatile for Aave, but the token’s price has held firm above the $80 mark. Trading volume has also been on the rise, suggesting that investors are accumulating AAVE in anticipation of an upcoming bull run.

6. Helium (HNT)

Another top crypto to invest in is Helium, a powerful decentralized wireless network powered by a unique blockchain-based protocol to create a global, accessible, and low-cost Internet of Things (IoT) infrastructure. The Helium Network enables IoT devices like sensors and trackers to connect and transmit data over vast distances without relying on traditional, expensive, centralized solutions like cellular networks or Wi-Fi.

Helium’s innovative Proof-of-Coverage (PoC) consensus algorithm is a key differentiator. It rewards users for contributing to the network’s expansion by deploying Hotspots—devices that act as miners and wireless access points. Hotspots earn HNT, the native cryptocurrency of the Helium ecosystem, for providing coverage and validating transactions. This incentive model encourages organic network growth, resulting in a rapidly expanding and robust IoT infrastructure.

The Helium token, HNT, has various use cases within the ecosystem, such as staking for network validators, paying for data transmission, and participating in the network’s governance. The token’s utility and the growing adoption of the Helium Network make HNT an attractive investment for those looking to capitalize on the IoT revolution.

April has been a challenging month for Helium, with the price of HNT dropping from $3 to $1.85. However, the token has shown resilience in the past week, staying in the green and indicating that it could be preparing for a bullish run. As the IoT market continues to grow and Helium expands its global footprint, the potential for HNT’s value to surge remains promising.

7. Kusama (KSM)

Kusama is a unique and innovative blockchain platform, often called Polkadot’s “canary network.” It is a testing ground for developers to experiment with and optimize their decentralized applications (dApps) and projects before deploying them on the more robust and secure Polkadot ecosystem. Kusama offers a fast-paced and risk-taking environment, allowing developers to test new ideas quickly, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in the blockchain.

One of Kusama’s defining features is its para chain technology, which enables multiple blockchains to operate in parallel, connected by a central relay chain. This design allows for seamless cross-chain communication, interoperability, and scalability, addressing some of the most significant challenges traditional blockchains face. Moreover, Kusama’s governance model empowers its community members, allowing them to propose and vote on upgrades and changes to the network, fostering a truly decentralized and democratic ecosystem.

The native token of Kusama, KSM, plays a critical role in the platform’s functioning. It is used for staking, governance, and participating in para chain auctions, giving it considerable utility and value within the Kusama network. With Kusama’s ongoing development and adoption, KSM has garnered significant interest from investors.

KSM is experiencing a gradual uptrend, with its price reaching $37.8. Although a short-term dump might be in the cards, Kusama has displayed a bullish trend over the last three months, and its long-term prospects remain positive.

Final Takeaway

While the primary altcoins covered in this article have experienced their fair share of ups and downs, DigiToads, a presale token soon to be listed on BitMart, has exhibited a stable growth pattern with a guaranteed price increase for six more stages. The overall bullish sentiment in the cryptocurrency market has greatly assisted investors in returning to a positive trajectory. With a gem like DigiToads emerging in such a favorable environment, it is undoubtedly on the path to remarkable success.

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