800% Upward Trajectory: BEFE Coin Gains Momentum, Investors Thrilled

Dogecoin, Shiba Inu, and PEPE are the past, they had all their rally in the past. Now the OG meme coins will give modes returns. BEFE, a new meme coin king is here, making waves in the crypto market. Meme coin holders are surprised by its astonishing rally in the market. While the broader crypto markets are volatile, this crypto gem has gained momentum. This hyped meme coin has gone full upward mode, soaring its price by more than 545% gains in a year. As emerging BEFE coin price surged, making it one of the top gainers in the meme coins. This made investors curious about its potential returns in this bull run. Some analysts predicted for 800% Upward Trajectory in this meme coin.

But how does a new meme coin surge, and why investors are interested in Predicting huge 800% gains?

BEFE Coin Upward Trajectory

Meme coins are known for giving immense returns to investors. This meme coin, since its launch has been successful enough to create hype. The mainstream crypto influencers and crypto-focused media started covering. Even experts predict that BEFE can be on the top meme coin list sooner. They consider that frantically accumulating into the usual suspects like Bitcoin and Ethereum, the money is being minted by the high-reward meme coins like Dogecoin, Shiba Inu, and BEFE coin.

Talking about the price – The current price of the BEFE is $0.000467 with a trading volume of $385,735. BEFE coin has been able to stay positive giving 3% returns in a month. And in a year BEFE has given more than 545% returns for its early investors. This is impressive growth as the cryptocurrency market is undergoing high fluctuations in crypto prices.

What Fueling The BEFE Momentum And Gaining Investors’ Interest?

It’s a presale event driving the movement currently for this meme coin. Specifics on the multi-phase presale have been announced gradually, making each new release viral. As a result, BEFE coin is getting huge buy pressure from both retail investors and institutional investors.

Four presale phases have been already completed by the BEFE coin team. The presale’s first phase at $0.01 sold out within hours of launch. Likewise, the presale for Phase 2 at $0.02, Phase 3 at $0.04, and Phase 4 at $0.055 per BEFE. The fifth presale is going live at the current price of $0.075. Because this presale is on the SOL blockchain, more retail investors and traders are interested in holding BEFE coins.


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