A Cryptocurrency Enthusiast with a Drive to Rejuvenate the Mining Space


Aberdeen, Hong Kong, Hong Kong, September 10, 2020. – The health crisis of 2020 has brought more strain to an industry that is already bleeding. And, while most major crypto coins are rallying, the process of maintaining these cryptocurrencies’ networks, also called mining, is experiencing monumental challenges.

The astronomic increase in Bitcoin transaction costs is only a tip of the iceberg. Besides, the high cost of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency mining resulting from the world’s steep electricity tariffs has turned many mining entities into nomads. They have to keep moving from location to location in search of cheap power and optimal weather.

However, the blueprint to a myriad of these challenges will soon be in place if Thomas Norberg’s drive persists unabated.

Who is Thomas Norberg?

To talk conclusively about Thomas Norberg, it is probably critical that his narrative also introduce Miny.cc. Miny is a cloud mining and a crypto wallet facility that is the brainchild of Thomas, a cryptocurrency enthusiast and blockchain entrepreneur born in Russia.

The Hong Kong-based cryptocurrency mining company is run by Thomas with the help of his friends; accomplished entrepreneurial and crypto professionals. Founded in 2019, the concept of Miny.cc is to allow everyone to earn from cryptocurrency mining regardless of the individual’s location or economic standing. The brain behind the project is the accomplished entrepreneur, Thomas Norberg. Thomas is a native of Russia where he grew up before moving to continental Europe for studies. He has a Masters in International Business Management from a Swedish university.

Thomas, the Cryptocurrency Enthusiast

The Miny.cc founder is a crypto enthusiast who wandered into the crypto space in 2014 while still in Europe. Being adventurous, Thomas wanted to know whatever there was to know about the world of virtual currencies and the reason why they were controversial at the time.

Fast-forward to 2017-18, and the crowdfunding (ICOs) frenzy for cryptocurrencies was all the rage. Being both adventurous and afraid of the fear of missing out (FOMO), Thomas jumped in; almost to the deep end of the pool. After making a decent profit from his forays into the nascent space, he started thinking of ways to make things better. Like every entrepreneur, profits are not the only important aspect of the process, sustainability is as well.

The entrepreneur’s main concern has been the safety and sustainability of the Bitcoin and cryptocurrency mining services in a manner that does not compromise profitability. The conception, development, and the provisions of the Miny.cc platform all mirror these convictions.

Miny.cc – The Innovative, Game-Changing Cloud Mining Solution

The cryptocurrency mining world has seen its fair share of bulk crypto mining solutions. Miny does not purport to be the best of all these platforms. However, its inception and development addresses the critical concerns plaguing the industry; inclusivity.

It relies on the environment-friendly renewable energy that Hong Kong territory is experimenting with. Besides, the project has tailored its universal plans to be in line with the demands of the average cryptocurrency enthusiast seeking to make money from Bitcoin and cryptocurrency mining. The platform is first a cryptocurrency wallet. Essentially, this means that when you create an account on the platform, you will get a secure multi-currency wallet by default. The said wallet holds Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and MINY tokens.

Second, the cloud mining plan offered by the platform is a money earner. And, it is easy to enroll. To participate, the user only needs to log into his or her Miny profile and make a deposit. Then, convert the crypto deposit into MINY tokens. Once he or she completes the process, the platform will enlist the user into the cloud mining plan where he or she will earn part of the mining proceeds depending on the amount deposited or stacked. Overall, users earn between 10% and 19% of the funds they deposit per month.

Other than participating in the cloud mining plan, the user can earn money simply by holding MINY tokens. The cryptocurrency is designed such that a portion of it burns every time a transaction is completed on the platform. This statement means that over time, the amount of MINY tokens in circulation will reduce. A reduction in the supply coupled with an increasing demand of the tokens will increase the price eventually.

As such, if users hold the crypto coins over time, they can later exchange them for other cryptocurrencies or fiat and make a decent profit while at it. Lastly, the user can earn by participating in the Miny affiliate program. Unlike most programs in the industry, the Miny program rewards users for inviting prospects up to the 20th line.

Importantly, the conception and development of the Miny platform is about more than just profits. Thomas Norberg has previously spoken passionately about making the cryptocurrency mining industry sane and sustainable. More information about the Miny platform, its cryptocurrency wallet, cloud mining plan, and the affiliate program are available here. Do also check out Thomas Norberg’s video regarding the status of crypto mining here.

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