A New Meaning to Social Banking: PayPodo’s Quest for a New Age in Financial Services Made in Europe

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PayPodo Launches Customer-Centric One-Stop-Shop Solution around Financial Services and Business Development in a Vibrant Community Setting and Those Who Contribute Will Get Unique Incentives.

The creators of PayPodo want to offer more than just another payment service solution at a checkout process or another bank account. They want to launch a multi-modular platform on blockchain technology where users and online businesses are able to exchange all kinds of assets, goods, or services in a data safe environment, hosted completely in Europe and GDPR compliant.

Why do they think all of that is necessary?

Today’s financial service providers are not up to date. Their outdated legacy systems are ticking time bombs — waiting for a severe data breach. Fee structures are opaque. Products show little innovative spirit and organizations are tied up in administrative and regulatory red tape. All of that leads to a non-customer-centric approach on either the business or private side.

PayPodo is on a mission to update the existing financial system – to become a new pillar of stability and efficiency in the economic and digital services industry, and at the same time to grow beyond that as an innovative business growth partner.

In the first stage, PayPodo seeks to provide banking and payment services in realtime, but cheaper, tamper-proof, and immutable. Decentralized data management, the anonymization of transactions, and other security measures will put in place a state of the art data protection. Besides banking and payment, other modules will follow and support the business side to better understand what their clients want and need and through that to create great products and services. PayPodo also will prepare opportunities for businesses to interact with their existing audiences and will give them the possibility to engage with new audiences in their community. For a better understanding of what upcoming features they shall develop as well as for answering the question which partners shall be onboarded into the community, PayPodo seeks feedback from its users on what they are most interested in.

They are wasting no time and advancing rapidly towards this target with vigor and determination and are organizing a fundraising campaign to achieve their mission and vision. It will be carried out in the form of exchange-based tokens sale. The company is inviting investors who want to participate in PayPodo’s mission to join and contribute to transforming payments and banking services.

Their token is different from the rest because it has 2 unique incentives. The first one allows investors to participate in a revenue participation program: POD token holders who stake their tokens will be granted a revenue share. This is really unique and does not happen with other IEO projects. PayPodo is going to re-distribute each year of the first 5 years a specific percentage of the revenue sharing pool to their investors, starting with a staggering 75% in Year 1.

They also have another incentive for all token holders, who are also interested in a more long-term investment horizon: a virtual exit option program where investors receive a share if PayPodo is sold in the future. The program will include token holders in a pot of virtual shares, which has an equal value of 25% of the company’s total share capital. In the case of PayPodo being bought by somebody else, participants of the virtual share program can claim their corresponding share of 25% of the purchase price.

The fundraising event is taking place in the form of an IEO (Initial Exchange Offering) sale which will take place on the PayPodo website and ExMarkets IEO launchpad.

About PayPodo

PayPodo is a blockchain-powered company operating out of Berlin, Germany which specializes in developing blockchain-based financial asset projects. They have been developing various solutions to handle the complex back-end technology and run businesses on the blockchain.


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