A team of P2E experts sees the unique features of this crypto game as representing a game changer for the whole industry


The crypto market is not so much about finding profits quickly as it is about revolutionizing how value is exchanged. Smart contract-based platforms allow us to rethink how and for what we can earn. One of the most successful new types of value exchange mechanisms is Play-to-Earn games.

However, P2E games are seeing a drop in their growth because they are turning out to be copies of each other. Investors want something new that is also fun at the same time. That’s why P2E experts are looking at Calvaria with such interest because they see its unique features as being a game changer for the whole industry.

Why is Calvaria a Game Changer?



It’s easy to question why a P2E game would be attracting attention in the bear market that the crypto asset class is in. It’s all down to the fact Calvaria has a unique combination of game design, mechanics, earning streams, and artwork that makes it worthy enough to look at in a time like this.

First and foremost, what sets Calvaria apart is the fact that it is so accessible. The game is available in both Free-to-Play and P2E versions, which means even those with no experience in crypto can start playing. Even crypto enthusiasts benefit from the focus on accessibility, as you don’t need to hold any crypto assets or even have a wallet to begin playing.

Experts also note that the game is available on both desktop and mobile devices. The general conclusion is that Calvaria is showing the crypto P2E industry that games must cater to a larger audience, including those unsure of crypto.

Calvaria also comes with several features that are also quite unique in the P2E space, at least in terms of how much is offered. Calvaria is a card battler game, so players will be using their NFTs to battle each other in a way that is familiar to them. There is also a PvE but, even more importantly, there is a story mode, which is another element that experts note there should be more of in the P2E space.

While F2E players won’t have access to blockchain-based features like the NFT marketplace, they can still battle other players. The P2E meanwhile can wager on tournaments and sell their in-game assets. In other words, players who want a non-crypto experience will still be able to play the same game as others, without any compromise on the content.

Other notable features include a staking facility, a scholarship system, mini-games, and an in-game store. One of the key drives in the design and development process is decentralized governance, i.e., the team is keen on letting the community determine how Calvaria progresses in the future. To this end, there will be a DAO that uses the RIA token which currently has its presale going.


1 USDT results in investors getting 33 RIA tokens currently, but this will decrease as the presale moves on. The presale is currently in the fourth stage. The price range of the RIA token across the presales will vary from $0.01 to $0.325. The presale has seen heavy demand in all of its stages and it’s likely that the final stages will run out quickly too.

Calvaria is an All-round Unique P2E Game

The only way P2E games will thrive and continue to grow their user bases as the years go by is if they have something unique that separates them from the rest. That’s what P2E analysts and players see in Calvaria, one of the most distinct blockchain-based games to come out in years. It’s proving to be an example of how these games should be designed, with its strict focus on accessibility and constant player engagement.

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