Aave and Polygon to incorporate AI tech into blockchain “proof of learning” fork

The quest to improve blockchain viability, speed, and security has been taken up by countless teams, all striving to create the best blockchain network and knock Ethereum from the second spot on the top crypto list.

Polygon has been doing a sound job at providing a fast and secure blockchain over the past few years, in addition to being incredibly low-priced to transact on. Aave, the crypto lender, has also been heavily involved with development on Polygon, also being the number one project by TVL for the past year.

What is Aave?

Users can borrow and lend cryptocurrency on the decentralized Aave platform. Aave automates the process using smart contracts, which include predetermined rules for how money is dispersed, how collateral is handled, and how fees are calculated. Aave specializes in overcollateralized loans, so customers will have to put up more cryptocurrency than they want to borrow. This safeguards lenders from suffering financial losses as a result of loan defaults and enables the Aave protocol to sell the collateral if its value falls too low.

AAVE, the company’s native cryptocurrency token, is also available via Aave and may be sold on most exchanges or staked in the Aave platform to generate interest.

Polygon Price Prediction

If Polygon follows through with adjusting the core way in which transactions are settled by using the processing power that is currently used to run the proof-of-stake system to run an AI platform instead, this could be very bullish. With an uptake in AI products hitting new highs, having a second use for the validators’ machinery to create a second product that sits over the blockchain would no doubt give a Polygon price prediction that likely puts the MATIC token into the top 5 cryptos at least.

The real question remains though, is the Polygon team the first to come up with this idea…?

Avorak AI

With a full array of user-assisting artificial intelligence tools that may streamline work, save time, and make money, Avorak AI stands out.

In order to use the ecosystem, users will need to purchase the AVRK token, which over time, will naturally increase buy pressure.

The second-most important feature of this project is that it will provide AVRK owners with passive income as well by allocating a percentage of the incoming money. The main contrast between the Avorak system and other passive income systems is the source of this passive income, which comes from the usage fees for Avorak goods.

The most important feature is that this AI will eventually run on top of its own blockchain. This begs multiple questions. Are Avorak team part of Polygon or Aave team? Will Polygon enlist Avorak to help build if not? Only time will tell.

Want to learn more about Avorak AI?

Website: https://avorak.ai
Buy AVRK: https://invest.avorak.ai/register


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