AiDoge Reaches $9 Million Mark in Presale, Looks Set for More Milestones

Meme coins are highly exciting cryptocurrency tokens that have a reputation for rapidly attracting a large number of investors and experiencing dramatic price surges. While Dogecoin is the prime example of this trend, numerous other meme coins have emerged in recent years.

AiDoge is currently one of the most captivating meme coins due to its ability to generate hype while also serving a practical purpose. As a result, investors are eagerly participating in its presale, which has already surpassed $9 million. This article offers an overview of the AiDoge project and a detailed guide to its presale.

AiDoge Presale Smashes Past $9 Million

Investors have displayed significant interest in the AiDoge presale, successfully raising over $9 million. The Ai token, developed as an ERC-20 standard token, possesses all the typical features associated with this standard and has a total supply of 1 trillion tokens. The AiDoge team has furnished comprehensive information regarding the presale of their project, which is outlined below.

The current presale phase of the AiDoge project is underway, offering each Ai token at a value of $0.0000284. This presale consists of 20 rounds, with 25 million tokens available for purchase in each round. Early investor participation is strongly encouraged due to the anticipated swift depletion of token availability.

Payments for tokens are accepted in various forms, including ETH, USDT (ERC 20), BNB, USDT (BEP20), and cards. Upon listing, the projected price of the token is expected to be $0.0000336, with listings planned for Q3 2023. The presale’s hard cap has been set at $14.9 million.

AiDoge Will Shape the Meme Market

AiDoge is an advanced platform that provides a distinctive meme creation experience tailored to the dynamic cryptocurrency landscape. It encompasses essential components, including an AI-powered meme generator, text-based prompts, and Ai tokens that function as credits for transactions.

Through AiDoge, users can effortlessly generate memes by entering text prompts, which are utilized by the AI algorithm to produce engaging and relevant memes. This feature ensures that meme creation is accessible to everyone, regardless of their technical expertise.

The Ai tokens serve as the primary currency within the AiDoge platform, enabling users to acquire them in order to create memes. This ensures the platform’s sustainability and continuous enhancement.

By leveraging AiDoge’s voting mechanism, users have the power to upvote or downvote memes, influencing their visibility on the public wall. Memes that receive higher scores gain increased prominence, providing an incentive for users to generate high-quality content and actively participate in the platform. With its innovative features and user-friendly interface, AiDoge sets a new standard for meme creation and the development of crypto-related content.

In order to incentivize meme creators and voters, AiDoge implements a unique incentive program that rewards outstanding memes with $Ai tokens. On a monthly basis, the platform selects winning memes based on their scores, and the creators of these memes receive $Ai token rewards. This initiative motivates content creators to produce captivating material, contributing to the growth and success of the AiDoge community.


When a user creates a meme on AiDoge, it is instantly showcased on the Public Wall, a virtual arena where users can share their memes and accumulate upvotes or downvotes. Memes that receive the highest scores on the Public Wall are rewarded with $Ai tokens, introducing an innovative GameFi mechanic called meme-to-earn, which encourages active participation on the platform. This mechanic challenges users to creatively leverage AI technology and think outside the box.

The concept of GameFi mechanics has been widely employed in play-to-earn movements, where gamers are rewarded for playing their favorite games, as well as in move-to-earn initiatives that incentivize leading a healthy lifestyle. AiDoge is now revolutionizing this concept by merging meme culture with AI, resulting in a groundbreaking AI-driven meme reward platform. As the AiDoge community continues to expand, the rewards for top creators on the platform will progressively increase.

Generate Memes with AiDoge

In the future, there will be a notable shift towards meme coins that offer unique value propositions. Investors will no longer be solely driven by hype but will also prioritize tokens with meaningful use cases.

AiDoge stands out as a project that has the potential to revolutionize the meme coin space by integrating innovative features with the most favorable aspects of existing meme coins. If you find this project intriguing, it is highly recommended to promptly explore the ongoing presale opportunity.

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