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An ICO Pre-sale, commonly referred to as a Pre-ICO, is when a blockchain enterprise decides to host a token sale event before the official ICO campaign goes live. Pre-ICOs normally have much smaller fundraising targets when compared with the main ICO, and tokens are usually sold cheaper. A thorough read of the white paper before investing in the project, would help you decide if you want to invest from an informed position, weighing in the possible risks vs gains.

Bitfair provides a platform where anyone can use efficient tools to make the most out of their money. They are currently in pre-sale for their XBF token, which will be used within the marketplace to facilitate hassle-free trading. Bitfair is aiming to become the go-to marketplace where cryptocurrency enthusiasts and traders can directly participate in over-the-counter trades via a smart option contract (SOC). This allows for new trading strategies and profit opportunities for traders during the up or down price movements of their favourite cryptocurrency. Every trade is entered into a Smart Option Contract to ensure a predetermined profit/loss during the fixed time period of the contract.

The pre-sale for Bitfair began on the 9th July 2018, and the official token sale would be announced soon. For early investors willing to become a patron for the project, Bitfair is offering a presale of the XBF token in advance for use on the Bitfair Platform. The pre-sale price of an XBF token is 0.05 USD. The number of XBF tokens up for sale is capped at 720 million and can be bought with BTC, ETH, XRP, BCH, LTC, XMR & wire transfers. The XBF token can be exchanged at a listing price of $0.50 per XBF token.

Bitfair demonstrates appreciation for members of their community by offering additional bonus tokens per Round.


Round 1 – Min $25,000


Round 2 – Min $10,000 50%
Round 3 40%
Round 4 30%


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