Altura’s all-new NFT Marketplace will unlock new possibilities with Smart NFTs


Artificial scarcity is the word here when you look at NFTs selling for thousands of ETHs. Blockchain technology has been doing justice to Digital art recently as all these years, digital art was arguably undervalued as anybody could replicate digital items, and there wasn’t any way to identify and tag the original.

NFT basics explain that an artist can mint a unique token that represents ownership of the original work. NFT-linked digital art made by the digital artist Beeple was recently sold for a whopping $69 million! Apart from being a store of value, does it have any utility?

Enter Alura — Smart NFTs are the future.

With Altura’s development of Smart NFT technology, game developers and gamers alike will be able to mint and exchange their own in-game items on Altura’s marketplace. Altura’s Smart NFT technology also allows users the ability to alter the properties of their in-game items given any conditions (e.g. weather, season, time, etc.)

Think about your favourite highest-ranking gamer spending hundreds of hours to win an in-game item, and then the next day, that item is listed on the Altura marketplace — allowing you to grab that item using Altura’s native $ALU token and start using it in your game.

Altura’s smart NFT technology invokes utility into the current NFT space, just how Ethereum uplifted the Bitcoin dominated crypto space by introducing a utility-driven blockchain solution.

A Genuine Marketplace to Filter Noise

The Altura Marketplace users will be allowed to filter through independent and verified developers, and users will be given the option to view only NFTs created by verified game developers. Game developers will be verified through a manual verification system conducted by the Altura team. Verified games’ items will be separated from the masses to provide a noise-free marketplace for legitimate projects. Verified games’ items listed by individuals will also belong to the noise-free market.

It’s just a matter of time when the market share of other leading marketplaces flips.

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