Analysts Predict a Price Explosion for DigiToads (TOADS) in 2023 as its Presale Attracts Ethereum Whales.

DigiToads (TOADS) early success with fast-selling tokens during it’s presale makes experts believe this meme coin will outperform even the top crypto coins this year.

DigiToads is a high-potential meme coin project that is earning the hearts of its investors as a cryptocurrency to buy with a 400x return potential. As a newcomer in the meme coin market with a cause, DigiToads has already seen enormous success with its exploding presale.

This rising market demand and the early success of DigiToads which has raised more than $3.6M in funds, currently in stage 6 of 10 and is now attracting Ethereum whales. Experts believe this rapid adoption and broader demand for TOADS will soon lead to an explosion in TOADS market value.

DigiToads: A Newcomer That is Setting New Records in Crypto Market

DigiToads native token, TOADS, is a stake-to-earn and play-to-earn meme coin with a wide range of applications in The Swamp, its metaverse. Following a meme currency trend, the project uses a toad as its mascot, making it a distinctive meme coin approach that sticks out among competitors.

DigiToads’ innovative and fascinating P2E gameplay model allows users to gather and fight with trained toads. Players can train their toads by purchasing food and other equipment with TOADS tokens and preparing them for exciting battles. This will help prepare their toad pets based on their unique strengths and characteristics for epic battles. Each toad has distinct qualities and abilities. So, the better trained the toad, the better its odds of winning.

The ecosystem of DigiToads also offers NFT staking. Every TOADS transaction contributes 2% to the staking pool, guaranteeing the community’s investment in this best crypto is constantly rewarded. Those who choose to stake their NFTs will be rewarded in proportion to the amount of time they stake their tokens.

Another noteworthy factor that sets DigiToads apart from other projects is its growing social media popularity and community. As an emerging meme coin project in the crypto market. DigiToads has attracted a huge Twitter and Telegram community and has become a hit on social media.

The project also allows players to earn rewards and the chance to manage 1/12th of DigiToads’ money by participating in trade tournaments. These trading competitions allow experienced traders and recent Toad School grads to hone their abilities while winning enticing rewards. Users with the greatest monthly transaction volume will be crowned monthly winners and get a Platinum Toad.

TOADS can be purchased from the ongoing presale, which is presently in the Lilypad 6 stage and offers the token for a paltry 0.027 USDT. The absence of a vesting term is one of the presale’s notable features. According to their tokenomics, the project has sold 241,445,567 TOADS out of the 272.5M allowed $TOADS thus far. DigiToads has already raised more than $3.7 million in funding by selling more than 91% of stage 6 tokens, breaking all records this year.

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Is Ethereum Still a Credible Crypto Asset?

Ethereum Classic, the world’s largest cryptocurrency, has seen its value plummet, falling below $19.56 for the first time in several weeks. Several factors have contributed to the drop in Ethereum Classic values, including regulatory worries and the environmental impact of Ethereum Classic mining. As a result, investors have been more wary of investing in cryptocurrencies, and market volatility has remained a source of anxiety for many.


Even before its official listing, DigiToads native token $TOADS has won a place on many smart wallets and crypto whale portfolios. By selling more than 91% of its allotted TOADS tokens for presale, the project is coming close to its goal of selling out 272.5M $TOADS within the presale phase with surging market demand for the TOADS token.

This surging demand amidst a fluctuating market has even left Ethereum to become an unsteady crypto asse, its wallet holders are now bagging TOADS as an asset of 2023 with a high return on potential (ROI).

For more information on DigiToads, visit the website, join the presale, or join the community for regular updates.

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